Business Management & Marketing Apps | Earn $25,000 Per Sale

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Business Management & Marketing Apps | Earn $25,000 Per Sale

Start your own online franchise selling business management applications & digital marketing services. Secure a license to sell over 180 marketing apps & services worldwide...

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Australia - Worldwide (no restrictions)

About the Opportunity
Team20 Business Apps offers an all-inclusive single platform for:

✔ Marketing, Analytics & Social Media Posting
✔ Google Advertising Campaigns, SEO & Business Listings
✔ Financial Integration & Online Meetings (Zoom & Google Meets)
✔ Built-in Apps Store, Marketing Funnel, Customer Lists & Marketing Guides
✔ Advertising, Online Reviews, Executive Reports & Reputation Management

The website application also includes; Online Executive Report. Reputation Management. Customer Voice. Listing Builder. Social Media Posting. Advertising Intelligence. Website Creator. Website Engagement Tools. Google Analytics & Reporting. Live Chat & Messaging. Accounting & Reporting (QuickBooks). Google Workspace Transfer. Microsoft Customer. Personalised Online Meeting Scheduler Video Conferencing Integration (Zoom & Google Meets). Updates & Promotions for Discounted Products. Online Academy (Business & Marketing) Course App & So Much More…

Support your customers by providing them with an all-in-one business platform that enables them to manage their online business from a single platform, enhancing their business productivity and performance. Make full use of our products and services to market and expand your operations and take control of winning consumer confidence so that your customers appear online in a place where they can be found.

Be a part of promoting this amazing business management tool for your customers online networking resources. Let your customers manage and see data from all the accounts and services they already use, all in one place. They can connect their Google My Business, their Google Analytics account, Facebook, QuickBooks and more to unlock insights for their business such as:

- How are customers finding my business?
- I'm seeing a lot of new leads, how do I know how many new leads am I getting?
- Has my company's web presence become stronger over time?

Let your customers use our Executive Reporting tool to identify discrepancies and recommended optimal solutions for their company's marketing and online performance. Show them how to take a strategic approach by getting a more in-depth view of how their business ranks online, upgrading their apps and services in-house to increase revenue, offering insightful ways to improve their ROI and have them literally seeing stars from their customer's reviews.

Marketing support
We invest 15% of your Licence Fees into advertising your business to get you up and running. We continue to do this by investing back into your business every year.

We provide ongoing support and digital guides for you to learn our tailored digital marketing solutions that enable you to promote and build enormous streams of regular passive income through selling business management, marketing apps and services.

Training provided
We provide sophisticated technical services and support, while you concentrate on delivering solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. From basic training to all of the marketing materials you'll need to promote your business (found in your distributor portal), we'll have you up and running in no time. Obtain the earnings you need and deserve by using our efficient approach, training, and assistance; all without the requirements of having a technical know-how.

Length of Agreement
Distributor Licence ($9,950 buy-in) $5k p/yr thereafter (Keep 100% profits)
ie; 80 customers =$100k+ p/a (6-7 new customers p/m)

Management Licence $19,500 (On-sell Distributor Licences)
$10,000 p/yr thereafter (Keep 100% of your profits & 50% of Licence fees)
i.e; 60 customers ($80k)+20 Distributors ($100k 1st yr+50k p/yr after)

Master Licence ($49,500) $25k p/yr after
Earn 50% of Licence fees
i.e 20 Distributor ($100k 1st yr+50k p/yr after) 12 Manager ($120k 1st yr+60k p/yr after) 5 Master Licences ($125k 1st yr 62.5k p/yr after)

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Adam James Carnevale

Bsale ID: 569195

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