Cyber Fitness, Fully Automated, Staffless Gyms

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Cyber Fitness, Fully Automated, Staffless Gyms

Cyber Fitness, fully automated, staffless gyms.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone wanting to get into business ownership without the requirement or hassle of dealing with staff. Specifically to get into the gym industry for a fraction of the cost of joining a franchise, whether you have experience in this industry or not.

Cyber Fitness is a new generation, fully automated staffless gym. We offer the latest technology on gym equipment as well as the most advanced technology for gym automation.

A Cyber Fitness gym can be run as a semi passive income while enjoying life or still working a full time job. This is an investment that has the potential of earning 30-50% ROI as a passive income.

*Cyber Fitness Opportunity*

If you are passionate about working for yourself and would love to own your own gym, Cyber Fitness is the opportunity you have been looking for. Our model allows you to work as much or as little in the business as you like with full automation and zero onsite staff requirements. Supplement your income by training clients or keep an existing career while investing in a semi- passive income stream.

We offer multiple pathways to ownership:

*Option 1*

Starting your very own Cyber Fitness (Cyber Fitness license) in a location of your choice. This allows you to be part of a chain whilst still being fully independent.

*Option 2*

Purchasing our existing prototype gym (Cyber Fitness License), which was recently established and is growing. This option might not cost you any extra and allows you to be part of a chain whilst still being fully independent. It also saves you the time and hassle to build up a gym from scratch and earns you $ from day 1.

*Option 3*

Starting up your very own brand Fitness club with the same equipment and automation as our Cyber Fitness but completely independent without any association to Cyber Fitness.
This option is for anyone wanting to start their own gym with an option of rolling out their own chain or franchise.


The cost of the above options are very much the same, just depends on the location and size of the gym. The average cost is usually between $300,000 and $400,000 for a fully equipped gym including all start-up expenses such as lease deposit, lease guarantee, start up promotion etc.

*Why choose Cyber Fitness business?*

- Autonomous business model with minimal owner involvement required
- Work remotely or on site
- The ability to keep an existing career whilst building your own business on the side.
- 30%-50% ROI expected after 12-24 months
- Innovative business model with no staffing requirements
- Prototype facility already operational and profitable – providing proof of concept
- First of its kind in Australia

*Starting your own gym vs Gym Franchise*

A gym franchise is certainly a great way to own a gym. However, even though you’ll receive full support to establish the gym, you’re always bound to the franchisor’s rules and regulations and of course the high monthly fees. With most Gym franchises there is also upfront costs and high setup costs. Basically you end up working a lot just to pay all those extra fees and costs.
With setting up your very own gym or a Cyber Fitness License gym, you actually own the gym 100% yourself. No one’s telling you what promotions to run, what membership fee to charge and the list goes on. The bottom line is that you can set up a gym from scratch for a fraction of the cost and have the freedom to run the business as you please.
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