Ecommerce - Prominent Online Gift Retailer Well Positioned For Growth. +50% Yoy Last 12 Months

Business Sold Kirrawee, New South Wales 2232

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Ecommerce - Prominent Online Gift Retailer Well Positioned For Growth. +50% Yoy Last 12 Months

What does the business do?

Established in Nov 2011 and to date has been such an exciting industry to be a part of. The nature of the business means that we have an endless exposure to uber-cool products. Part of the fun is going to the gift industry trade shows to do a big chunk of buying for the year. Based on our experience, we have managed to stitch together some highly intelligent systems including but not limited to:

- Advanced inventory forecasting systems. Makes re-ordering a breeze without the risk of being overstocked
- Data analytics (google)
- Historical inventory reports.
- Google SEO/SEM data

As of May 2021, the website holds the following number of related keyword phrases in google:

Top 3: 53
Top 10: 241
Top 20: 359
Top 100: 390

Revenue: $188,809
Cost of goods sold (COGS):
Expenses: $160,511.50 (incl $30,000 wages)
Net profit: $28,297.5

Orders per annum: 4139
Avg order value: $45
Avg postage cost per parcel: $10.50

Revenue: $188,809 (up 50% on previous year)

Other metrics:

Email subscribers: 15,725
Facebook followers: 8420

How does it make money?

It makes its revenue from sourcing quirky and unique products that make great gifts. All of the products that we source have a min of 50% gross profit margin.

Describe your purchasing and order fulfilment process

Our inventory is sourced from reputable suppliers within Australia. To this day we continue to hold some amazing relationships with our suppliers, some dating back to 2012.

Inventory value is approx $15,000 and is stored on 6x 2x2x0.6M long span shelving racks on wheels, taking up a footprint of only 7.2m2, making the business highly portable.

We utilise highly intelligent shipping and logistics systems, making the order dispatch process a breeze. We use subscription based software to manage the pick, pack and dispatch of orders, and generate shipping labels (Aus Post eParcel) that are printed via a thermal label printer.

Why are we selling?

For a while now we've been operating multiple businesses and haven't been able to retain the focus on any particular one of them. While both of our businesses have experienced relatively the same growth over the previous year, we believe that letting go of one of them will enable us to double-down on the one business, rather than robbing Peter to pay Paul. As they say "Energy flows where attention goes"

Who would this business be perfect for?

The business is perfect for someone who is looking for, or to retain a work from home lifestyle, as the business can be operated out of garage / spare room etc. Having said that though, there is great potential for a buyer to grow the business into something that takes away market share from the much larger competitors in the space turning over Millions or even tens of Millions of dollars per year (e.g. Yellow Octopus, Gifts Australia, Hard to Find etc)

Would suit an individual who is looking to take the business to the next stages of growth. Admittedly as we've been juggling multiple businesses, we haven't been able to give it the attention that it deserves. We've made the decision to move the business on while it is on a positive growth trajectory. We are completely aware of the many opportunities available to the business, and are willing to disclose our ideas to the new owner. We genuinely believe and would like to see the business thrive under new ownership.

We honestly believe that the business is on the cusp of some significant growth. The last 12 months have been the best ever so far, despite the fact that we haven't yet executed on the many marketing initiatives that we've had planned out for quite some time.

Also included with sale:

• Brand assets
• Custom technology
• Customer databases
• Domains
• Hosting accounts
• Inventory on hand at time of closing
• Marketing materials and collateral
• Policy & procedure documents
• Registered trademarks, wordmark and logo
• Email accounts
• Social media accounts
• 1300 number
• Cloud-based telephony system
• Website files, source cosde and content
• e_commerce platform accounts
• Google adwords account
Contact Seller
James Boardman

Bsale ID: 537303