Leave Uncertainty Behind Preventative Maintenance And Safety Products (gn12319bs)

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Leave Uncertainty Behind Preventative Maintenance And Safety Products (gn12319bs)

Will Set You Up for Life!

} 1000 + Repeat Order Customers
} Growing Wide Customer Demographic
} Essential Products = Highly Predictable Weekly Refill Orders
} Proven 34%, Sales Increase from 2020 to 2024
} Current Sales Update: Racing Well Ahead of Last Year
} 67% Gross Profit Margin

The Essential Unseen Hero
Sales are racing on an upward trajectory, with the business securing a stronghold in its niche market, driven by the population growth and the steady demand for its essential safety and preventative maintenance products. With a broad growing customer base of over 1,000, most orders are refills and are an essential requirement for a diverse range of customers spread over a broad demographic.

No matter rain, hail or shine, repeat-refill orders continue to roll in on a daily, weekly, and monthly. This makes sales highly predictable and fortified. Even better, the Business’s vast range of products are so essential, they essentially market themselves, negating the need for a dedicated on-road sales force or high advertising costs.

Investing In Certainty
} Agency Distribution Rights
} Diverse Income Streams
} Low Risk – No One Client Represents a Large Percentage of Sales
} Multiple Essential Product Revenue Streams.
} No Similar Business in Busselton
} Essential Products and Service

A 23-Year Legacy of Growth
The same owners for 23 years directly prove this is a business you'll keep forever!

Its essential products are key drivers of consistent sales growth. Impressively, sales have increased by 34% from 2019 to 2023. Furthermore, current year-to-date sales are outpacing those of 2023, positioning the business for a record-breaking 2024. This resilience and sustained upward growth are precisely what every buyer seeks but seldom finds.

Invest In Ease of Operation
} Highly Systemised – Easy to Run.
} Low Staff of only 4-Employees
} Supervisory Team in Place
} Cross Trained Staff

The Invisible Hand of Success: Market Demand at Work
As previously mentioned, the vast majority of sales are self-propelled, highlighting an efficient, safe business model that effectively has low overhead expenditures. This independence from direct sales efforts underlines the intrinsic demand and market presence of the business's highly sought-after products that many customers can't do without.

The lean overhead operation is further evidenced by an exceptionally low advertising expenditure of only $982 to achieve sales exceeding $1.5 million in the 2023 financial year. This efficiency not only points to the business's strong market demand but also hints at the potential for even faster growth with implementing a comprehensive marketing plan.

} Excellent Location in A High-Growth Area
} Population growth of 19.5% in the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River between XXXXXXXXXX (ABS Data)
} Busselton was one of the fastest growing non-metropolitan areas in WA, growing 22.5% between XXXXXXXXXX (ABS)
} Forward Government projections show the population of Busselton could increase over 60% to around 55,000 people by 2041 (WA Tomorrow)
} Over $350 million in major infrastructure projects approved or underway in Busselton to support growth (Shire)

Uncomplicated And Straightforward
Supplying essential products and repeat ongoing services required for safety to a long-established customer base couldn’t be easier because every one of this business’s large 1000 repeat order customer base understands they must continue to spend a lot of money to repair, maintain and eventually replace worn-out high usage products. And with this business with over 27 years of history being the only one of its kind in town, it’s hard to imagine where someone could go astray!
That also means extremely low risk, as customers are a captive market fortifying sales and profits, unlike many other businesses.
Professional, modern premises
The business offers a superb location with excellent high-traffic flow exposure. Meanwhile, the high-profile modern layout of the commercial/industrial premises projects a professional image for many customers who regularly visit the premises to collect products, adding the lucrative cash and carry component further bolstering the business's already excellent cash flow.

No Experience required
Its owners have spent years perfecting easy-to-learn systems so that no experience is necessary for anyone to walk in and take over. It is important to note that the current owners had no industry experience before purchasing the business. The vendors also offer a generous post-settlement handover training period during which full training will be given.

The business is easy to operate because it’s clean, systematic, simplistic and fun to operate.

High security and unrivalled growth potential
The list of customers has grown from year to year, with no one customer representing a large portion of annual sales. With no other competitor of its kind in town, this business is ideally positioned to capture many more customers by simply deploying a marketing plan.

It is a fact; to date - growth has been mostly driven by the increasing southwest population and word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers.

Ongoing Historical Growth - no matter what the state of the economy
The Business has continued to record increases in sales and gross profits from inception, and on this basis, the owner sees no reason why this trend will not continue, especially given that the business is located in a high population growth town and services the surrounding area.

Essential Products and Services:
Products and services are essential to any product owner, whether in the commercial or domestic market, to maintain safety and health and, importantly, for commercial clients, especially to meet Health Department requirements. Even during an economic downturn, this business is still required to make the products and provide services, making this virtually recession-proof, as proven by its historical financials.

Low staff -Only 4 Full-Time Staff
With the industry being as large as it is, there has never been a problem with sourcing new staff when required and cross-trained staff make it easy for the owner to oversee the business operations. The current owner works a 40-hour per week average; however, because of the ease of operation, the Business could even be placed under total management to reduce the owner's hours further if required.

Business Has a Long-Term Team Manager
Despite the scope of the Business and the work it undertakes, a skilled and experienced Team Manager takes care of the day-to-day management and cross-trained staff working as a conduit between employees and owners as he looks after the operational aspects, making running this business even easier for the owner.

Widespread Growing Repeat Client Base
The total repeat client base numbers are approximately 1,000 and is in the enviable position of being a preferred supplier to several customers, servicing the South West region for some 27 years with year-on-year sales and customer growth.

The largest five customers COMBINED represent less than approximately five percent of annual sales, and some have had a trading history with the business for 15 years.

This has been a deliberate policy employed by the owner to make the Business less susceptible to major sales downturns resulting from a loss in a major customer. This is a key feature not often found in businesses of this calibre.

The Business has developed an outstanding understanding of its client base – the owner can always know where its profits come from and service these clients fully.

No Reliance on Sales Staff to Generate Sales
The vast majority of sales are simply self-propelled, which means that the current owner does not have the overhead of running a sales force. However, it also puts the new owner in the enviable position of having at hand a means by which demand could almost certainly be increased if need be.

High Level of Client Loyalty
As a result of its reputation and excellent word-of-mouth, this business is in the enviable position of having customers come to it rather than having to expend time and money on advertising and marketing. It is by far the most experienced and trusted business of its kind in the southwest, offering services no competitor can and having unparalleled knowledge of the industry. This reputation has led to further opportunities through word-of-mouth referrals and positive customer reviews, contributing to its long-term success and growth.

Low Advertising
The Business is in a fortunate position; it does not have any reliance on advertising to generate sales. The present owner has opted not to actively market the Business, which represents one of the simplest and most direct routes to increased sales for a new owner – particularly if the promotions are aimed at expanding the client base into new facets of the industry.

Could Be Run Under Management
The current owner oversees production and management, and the high adjusted net profit of over $363,981 for one working owner means the current owner could replace part or all hours with a suitable staff member.

The growing population in the area, along with the transformation of Busselton from a quiet retirement town to a bustling regional hub, has resulted in increased demand for their services. These factors have created a unique opportunity for the business to expand its customer base and drive growth in sales.

Minor Overheads
Given the size of the annual turnover, overheads are relatively small.

No Bad Debts
Any new customers are COD until credit trust is established. Accounts that exceed the business’s trading terms are vigorously pursued.

Owner Can Take Holidays
The owner takes holidays, and staff cover their absence.

Low Competition
Unlike other competitors in nearby towns, this business boasts years of industry experience that well surpasses that of its rivals. Additionally, it has various advantages, such as exclusive access to state-of-the-art software programs.

Immediate Potential to Expand The Business
The owners believe there are several means to drive the potential expansion of the business, including increased advertising, online sales, and an expanded website, given the population explosion in the area.

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