Residential Real Estate Sales Agency And Property Management Business #165

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$462,500 + SAV


Residential Real Estate Sales Agency And Property Management Business #165

Extremely Long Established, this Residential Real Estate Sales Agency and Property Management “Rent Roll” Business, Enjoys the Financial Rewards and Commercial Benefits of Having a Captive Client Catchment Area. It Has So Few Direct Local Competitors, Given its Stature & Market Positioning within the Community. It Being Rare for a Real Estate Agency to Receive Such Automatic Client Conversion and Business…But, this is a Unique Real Estate Investment, Enjoying a Rare ‘Monopoly’ within this Highly Sought After Area of Brisbane!

• Being such a well-established and renowned real estate agency and being the largest and most knowledgeable of the local area and its residents, there is so few agencies able to compete against this well-engrained real estate agency, who specialises in the sale of residential properties, and providing on-going property management service to many home owners. Its rent roll is sizeable, and generates a substantial amount of passive monthly income, being receipted like clock-work.

• This owner has staff to assist this operation, and its office has a prime position within the heart of this expansive region of Brisbane. This presence lends itself to a near automatic local patronage, and to date, this has been the case, for nearly every home sale within this large region. Residents know that this is the main real estate agency for their region, so they have no need to search beyond this service provider.

• There are so few competitors, it being rare for another nearby agency to even ‘get a look in’, due to the strong and deep loyalties that run through this community. Clients trust those who are local and who know them and their region well.

• It being a rare and unique real estate agency indeed to have such a lack of direct and local real estate agency competition, and therefore, the result is nearly always list and conversion of local residences or a property management contract signed.

• This agency usually always ends up with the ‘lion’s share’ of the local area residential property listings and sales, including investment property management contracts.

• Post COVID-19, a housing boom is in full swing, including a mass population migration into SE QLD being from those mainly living within the southern states of Australia. This movement is happening and in particular this area of Brisbane is also profiting from this increased property demand.

• This agency’s sales have literally doubled since COVID-19 and the time taken from list to sales contract has shortened to only a few short weeks, if that! Properties are not only selling for much higher values, naturally increasing commission amounts banked, they are in hot demand.

• Therefore, residential home sales and resultant commissions have continued to soar, with this money being made faster than ever before. Who knows how long this boom will continue, but historical financial data from this business suggests that it has always maintained a strong monopoly, client retention and subsequent conversion of those living throughout this large local community. This is most certainly a high demand area of Brisbane, as the owner said, “Properties literally sell themselves, sometimes without clients even stepping foot into the property.”

• Providing what clients expect is half the battle for businesses in these fast moving, modern times, and this business has successfully maintained an aw-inspiring reputation for looking after its locals, being fully computerised and software based, having the “on the ground” knowledge and trust among the community, which continues to generate a near ‘automatic’ listing decision and property management uptake by clients.

• And, by the way - this agency is not charging low commission rates either, not having to discount commissions or upfront advertising packages to achieve client conversion, loyalty and sales/property management clients.

Therefore, this is a profitable endeavour and one of the ‘very best’ real estate sales and property management businesses any new owner (no matter their industry background, skills, or prior experience) or existing real estate industry business could find in a very long time! Genuine retirement of this owner, and being for just $462,500 WIWO

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