Sa Based Rto Excellent Funding, Massive Wip. High Value Scope And Little Competition (1293)

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Sa Based Rto Excellent Funding, Massive Wip. High Value Scope And Little Competition (1293)

Reason for Sale
The vendors are looking to retire however they will ensure all goodwill and contacts are maintained in the transition.

About the Business
The three standout appealing qualities of this RTO for sale include:

There are 16 High value qualifications and the same amount of individual units. ALL of the qualifications are resourced and compliant. In the last year the RTO has spent over $250,000 in making sure all resources are compliant.
The RTO has also spent $50,000 on turning the material to an online platform to ensure the RTO is lockdown proof!
Scope of Registration:
Certificate II in Horticulture
Certificate II in Sports Turf Management
Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management
Certificate II in Conservation and Ecosystem Management
Certificate II in Landscaping
Certificate III in Production Horticulture
Certificate III in Horticulture
Certificate III in Arboriculture
Certificate III in Landscape Construction
Certificate III in Parks and Gardens
Certificate III in Sports Turf Management
Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management
Certificate IV in Horticulture
Diploma of Horticulture
Certificate III in Business
Certificate III in Business Administration

Perform ground based rigging
Inspect trees for access and work
Perform aerial rigging
Tie, dress, set and finish arborist knots
Identify trees
Inspect trees for access and work
Monitor soils under irrigation
Implement an irrigation schedule
Fall trees manually (basic)
Maintain chainsaws

The business is thriving without even having a BDM in place! The South Australian Government, through the Dept of Innovation and Skills, has released 2200 new places for training in horticulture.
In most of the courses there are less than 10 providers in South Australia delivering these courses and even less with funding!

Currently (1 August) there is $800,000 in Work in Progress (WIP) that has been calculated at $400,000 net profit. What amazing value for a business being sold at $600k! The reason for the sale is the vendor has a flower business to concentrate on and retirement to plan.

This is a unique opportunity to own a funded SA RTO and really be THE market leader.

This RTO best suits a business wishing to increase their geographical and scope footprint into the very lucrative South Australian market.

Talking about the market, as an experienced practitioner, I believe there has been no better time to be in the training sector. This RTO is quality driven and there exists many opportunities to commercialise and corporatise the operations leading to greater future maintainable earnings.

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This business is somewhat unique and has no similar competition in this region, category or price bracket.

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