5 Tips to Increase Your Sales This Christmas.

by 26th of November, 2017


Christmas is only weeks away! The weather has started to warm up and people are out and about enjoying sunset dinners, air-conditioned shopping, backyard BBQs, Christmas parties and all the summer festivities! 

With the opening of Amazon many small business retailers are worrying the effect it may have on their sales. As David Koch said on sunrise “its about the buyer experience” – make the buyers feel welcome and give them an in store experience, or better yet – give them an online system to order and make purchases.

1. Get Social

Social media is a massive driver of traffic and sales!! Whether your running a café, a bar or a boutique retail store. Start posting, start #hashtagging, start appearing on peoples phones and remind them, you exist and you have a product they may want to buy! Who doesn’t like seeing photos of an epic summer salad with prawns!

In the last year there has been some big advancements with social media marketing. Facebook and Instagram lead the way in reaching targeted audiences. You can create a video, target Mums with pre-school children and start selling more of your hand crafted dolls! Make sure you check out re-marketing and get buyers to come back to you. There are some amazing ways social media can drive traffic to your websites and in store! 

2. Get on Google

This site is the giant in search engines for a reason. If you want to be seen online – consider Google Adwords. They can be cost effective and drive traffic to your website, or facebook page – people can even call you directly from a Google Ad! They are easy to set up and you will get a client manager to assist you. No need to pay a marketing team! Just spend a weekend on Youtube and you’ll soon have it figured out (well hopefully!)

Retailers - don’t forget Google Shopping! If you have an online store, its imperative you consider spending some of your marketing budget on Google Shopping. It appears first in search results, and can create massive traffic and sales for your business. Just check out ‘shoes for sale’ this is a big audience and you could appear first in results!

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3. Have a VIP Night

Do you have a mailing list? or a Facebook page? Offer these valued clients a VIP night! Get them in store, provide some discounts, offer some cheese and beverages – don’t forget the free gift wrapping! Ask them to invite a friend! Regular clients are your biggest asset. Without them, your business would probably struggle. So reward them with a VIP night, get them talking about your store, and in days to come more people could be visiting because they heard ‘you had that awesome ceramic teapot’. 

4. Create Some Offers

Show your customers you care! Show them they can get some added love this Christmas if they shop with you. Can you get hold of some extra stock? Maybe provide some freebies! Spend $50 receive a free Christmas Mug! Run a restaurant? Buy a $100 voucher and get a free second $10 voucher for yourself! Christmas is about giving, support a charity and offer a % of sales to a charity - or offer free gift-wrapping! There are many options that don’t have to cost the earth, but can get customers excited to shop with you.

5. Get in the Christmas Spirit

This probably shouldn’t have been last on the list – because it is the most important! Get Festive!!! Not many people like the Grinch. So its time to dress up your store / shop / beauty salon etc and get out the Christmas Carols… Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of Michael Buble in the holiday season? Put up a tree, hang some lights, place a wreath – join the Christmas spirit and make your customers feel welcomed. 

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