Buying a Newsagency business in Australia

by 7th of November, 2011

Buying a Newsagency For Sale in Australia

In Australia, there are 5,000 individually owned and operated newsagencies. Together they make up Australia's largest retail and home delivery group turning over $6.5 billion a year and employing more than 20,000 people. If you are looking to buy a Newsagency for Sale there are a number on sale.

In Australia, most newsagency businesses sell newspapers, magazines, cards, lotto tickets, small gifts, chocolates and lollies. It can be difficult to set up a newsagency business due to the regulations for selling lotto tickets, obtaining rights to sell newspapers and magazines, so most business owners tend to buy an already established newsagency business for sale. Buying an established Newsagency may have other benefits, such as an already obtained market share, loyal base of clients and a good reputation. In most small towns, everyone knows where the local newsagency is, mainly because of the Lotto services it provides. So buying an established Newsagency tends to be the best option. In Australia, there are stand alone newsagency's as well as franchised outlets such as Supanews.

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 What to look for when buying a Newsagency For Sale:

  1. Price: Newsagencies can vary in price, anywhere from around $100,000 - $500,000 depending on location and sales. Be sure you compare the price of newsagencys and go over business financials carefully.
  2. Competition: Assess how many other stores in the area, sell what the newsagency has available. Such as newspapers, magazines, gifts and lotto. Make sure there are no new businesses or supermarkets opening up in the area that could dramatically affect sales.
  3. Image: Newsagencys in general, have an image of the products that they sell. If you are looking to expand the business to include other items such as clothing, fast food, supermarket items you need to understand it may be difficult and take time for this process to occur. A newsagency is a brand in itself

When buying a newsagency for sale, you need to take your time. They can be a rather costly businesses for an individual / couple to purchase so reviewing all the financials, competition and growth potential are very important when it comes to newsagencies.

Have you ever owned a Newsagency Business? Do you have any advice for someone looking to buy a Newsagency?

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