Feel Like a Change? Consider Looking at a Franchise for Sale

by Vanessa Lovie 25th of June, 2022
Feel Like a Change? Consider Looking at a Franchise for Sale
Consider Looking at a Franchise for Sale

Franchising has proven to be a very successful model that many people have engaged in to become franchisees. There are a lot of very well-known and successful opportunities and you can find a franchise for sale that can support your business dreams. 

A franchise for sale can come with a number of advantages such as; comprehensive training, marketing support, branding, suppliers, products, systems and more that assist you, as the franchisee, to be successful. 

Whilst franchising may have faced difficult times over the past 5 years with enquiries into miss-management and fees, it is a 1.55 billion dollar system and employs 516,000 people in Australia according to IBIS World



Consider your Franchise for Sale Options


The first thing that always comes to mind when you think of a franchise for sale are the major fast-food chains such as McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut, KFC, Red Rooster to the coffee brands such as Gloria Jeans, Coffee Club or Donut King. 

The reason many of these franchises are successful is the repetitive nature of their products, service and atmosphere. These well-established brands have spent many years fine-tuning what their customers want and the best way to deliver on that. They have highly effective training programs that ensure all franchisees and staff are well trained and understand the core ethos of the brand and how to deliver on it, time and time again. 

Whilst there are major food franchises for sale, there are also very successful smaller opportunities or those that provide an owner-operator style setup such as; lawn mowing, home and commercial cleaning or dog washing.

Outside of these opportunities, you will find major franchises for sale in other industries such as petrol stations for sale, supermarkets, automotive and accommodation. 


Understand What you Get When you Buy a Franchise for Sale

When you buy a business you essentially buy everything including the ABN, trademarks, patents, stock on hand, loans, liabilities and so on, you become the owner of the business. However, when you buy a franchise for sale, you will become a franchisee and part of the franchising system you have bought into. 

Before you consider a franchise for sale you need to have a solid understanding of what a franchise actually is, how they operate, what your role and responsibilities will be and how much say you actually have in the daily operations. The ACCC has put together an essential course ‘Find out if franchising is the right choice for you’


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Franchise For Sale Consider These


What are the Major Benefits of Buying a Franchise?


Systems and Branding…. These are the major draw card for buying a franchise for sale. 

The systems allow you to operate confidently and receive comprehensive training. Just about everything has been thought about and how to deliver on it, from employment contracts to how to pour a perfect coffee, to when to order stationery, to when your marketing materials will arrive, to how orders and money are processed. There are systems in place for every aspect of the franchise. That is what a franchisor has created, and that is what you're paying for when you buy a franchise and pay your franchise fees. 

Branding is what brings customers into your business. Franchises tend to be very well established and people recognise the brand, the food, the products, the atmosphere, the service and so on. Depending on whether you are buying a new franchise or an existing location, the branding makes you recognisable and the place to visit. 

These two elements are what inspire people to buy a franchise for sale. 


Risks of Becoming a Franchisee


Like most opportunities you engage in there is always risk involved. A franchise for sale has its own level of risk. The size and how well established the franchise is will have an impact on the level of risk you are engaging in. 

Some of the major things to look at when considering a franchise for sale are; sales history and if it has a successful track record, leasing agreement and whether there are rental increases or fit-out costs coming, franchise fees and how they are structured, support and training provided, additional costs expected such as marketing fees. 

It's a good idea to speak to multiple franchisees and conduct proper due diligence before you buy a franchise for sale. 


How do you Find a Franchise for Sale?


There are thousands of franchises for sale at any one time on Bsale. Depending on where you are located, or the type of franchise you want to buy you can look at franchises in the following capital cities. 


> Franchises for Sale in Sydney
> Franchises for Sale in Melbourne
> Franchises for Sale in Brisbane
> Franchises for Sale in Perth
> Franchises for Sale in Adelaide
> Franchises for Sale in Darwin
> Franchises for Sale in Hobart
> Franchises for Sale in Canberra 


With the Franchise Council of Australia's focus on regional communities and expanding franchises to support growth in country towns in 2022, there is the opportunity to be part of some exciting new franchises opening. 

“The focus of the initiative in 2022 will be on linking franchise members, government facilitators and prospective local franchise operators to spark a new wave of small business expansion to the benefit of regional communities across the nation.” Mary Aldred, CEO, FCA

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a change and are tired of stand-alone business ownership or the 9-5 routine, it could be a great option to buy a franchise for sale. As with every major endeavour we take in life, it's important to do your research, conduct due diligence and obtain professional advice. 

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