Landscaping Businesses are in Demand: 9 Factors to Consider

by Vanessa Lovie 7th of November, 2023
Landscaping Businesses are in Demand: 9 Factors to Consider
Landscaping Businesses are in Demand: 9 Factors to Consider

Owning a landscaping business can be a rewarding and fulfilling venture for those with a passion for the outdoors and a love for creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces. This industry offers a unique blend of creativity, technical skill, and business acumen. With property values skyrocketing across the country, landscaping is now being seen as a financial investment to increase curb appeal and property values.

With more people spending time at home over Covid-19 restrictions, retail outlets like Bunnings saw a record 19.7 per cent rise in earnings before tax to $2.18 billion. If you are looking at buying a trade services business or landscaping business, rest assured it is a growing market and demand is high.

Here are 9 Factors to consider when buying a landscaping business. 


1. The Green Industry is Booming

Whether its watching episodes of the Block or the latest Better Homes and Gardens episodes, many Aussies take pride in their homes. The landscaping industry is experiencing a surge in demand, driven by a growing appreciation for outdoor spaces and a desire for sustainable, eco-friendly landscaping solutions. According to IBISWorld, the market size for landscaping services in Australia was estimated to be $5.0 billion in 2022, indicating a robust and flourishing sector.

2. Know Your Craft

Owning a landscaping business takes skill. It's not just about digging holes and growing some plants, its much more. Before going into the landscaping business, it's essential to develop a strong foundation in landscaping skills. This can include learning about plants, horticulture, design principles, irrigation systems, and hardscaping techniques. Consider taking courses, attending workshops, and gaining hands-on experience to build your expertise.

Depending on the size of the landscaping business you are looking to buy, you may require a different skill set if you intend to be an owner-operator vs managing a team of workers. 

"Running a landscaping business has its challenges, the weather is a big factor - if it rains, I'm not able to perform the physical labour so tend to focus on my designs. It can also be hard on the body and most mornings I'm out the house by 7am. But I love being able to create designs and see how the gardens turn out at the finish. I spend a lot of time ensuring the changes I make are relevant to the area - that the plants will survive, there is sufficient drainage, decks are properly built, pavers are flat and aligned etc. Its all part of the landscaping business." Adam, Bouddi Landscaping


3. Business Planning and Legal Considerations

Like any business, a landscaping venture requires careful planning. When you are looking at businesses to buy, ensure they have good systems in place and a good reputation. You want to make sure there are no issues with current projects, grievances or legal proceedings.

Once you purchase the business, you will need to ensure there is a comprehensive business plan that outlines your mission, target market, services offered, pricing structure, and marketing strategies. Additionally, ensure the business complies with all local business regulations, obtain necessary licenses and insurance, and a clear legal structure for the business.


4. Where is the Brand?

In a landscaping business strong brand identity sets it apart in a competitive market. You want to make sure the business itself has a good brand and not the current operator. If people are choosing that particular business based on the landscaper themselves, and not the business, once you purchase you may have an issue maintaining clients.

You are buying a business based on its future income, if the work is going to dry up because of a change in operator, you need to take that into consideration. 


5. Equipment and Supplies

What equipment is included in the sale? Are there any leases or loans currently in place? Make sure you do your due diligence and have a proper valuation of all the equipment to ensure you are paying a fair market price. 


6. Marketing and Advertising

Effective marketing is crucial for attracting and retaining clients. Look at how the business is getting its current workload. Is it via word of mouth, referrals or an established marketing system? The success of a landscaping business is future planning and ensuring work is lined up months in advance. 


7. Providing Excellent Customer Service


How are clients currently managed? Is there a customer service team, or is the main landscaper doing quotes, call backs, physical work, invoicing and so on. You want to ensure there is a clear distinction on each person's role. That the business is being run effectively and clients are being well taken care of. 

A landscaping business thrives on satisfied customers. Communication, reliability, and attention to detail are key aspects of excellent customer service. Listen to your clients' needs and preferences, and provide expert advice to guide them through the landscaping process. Timely responses to inquiries and consistent follow-ups can go a long way in building trust and loyalty.


8. Sustainability and Environmental Considerations

With an increasing focus on sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly practices into a landscaping business can set you apart. Evaluate what the current business is offering and how you can improve on this to expand your client base. This may involve using native plants, implementing water-saving irrigation systems, and adopting organic fertilizers and pest control methods. Look at ways to educate your clients about the benefits of sustainable landscaping practices for a greener, more eco-conscious approach.


9. Scaling The Business

Is it possible to scale the particular business you are looking to buy? Look at your competition, client base, and local developments. Are there new housing estates or developments taking place? You need to look at the business and consider opportunities for expansion. This could involve hiring additional staff, offering new services, or targeting different market segments. Establishing clear processes and systems can help streamline operations and maintain quality as you take on larger projects.


So Should You Buy a Landscaping Business?


Owning a landscaping business offers the chance to combine creativity with entrepreneurship while helping people transform their outdoor spaces into beautiful, functional retreats. When you are looking to buy a landscaping business make sure you understand the industry, skills required and perform due diligence. Now could be the best time to embrace the green industry boom and buy a landscaping business.

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