Sana Health Group is set to Launch in Australia, Bringing Together Leading Healthcare Providers

by Georgie Blundell 24th of April, 2023
Sana Health Group is set to Launch in Australia, Bringing Together Leading Healthcare Providers
Sana Health Group is set to Launch in Australia, Bringing Together Leading Healthcare Providers

Australians are more conscious of their health than ever before, with two in five (43%) feeling they needed professional help managing their emotions, stress or the mental health over the last year. With healthcare being at the forefront of Australians minds now more than ever, comes the unfification of leaders in the private behavioural health space to expand and diversify rehabilitation in Australia. 

Sana Health Group is set to launch in Australia at the beginning of 2023, the group supports more than 450 people per year with behavioural health conditions. With a historically fragmented treatment landscape, the launch of Sana Healthcare group will create an easier pathway to care for people seeking private behavioural health treatment. Under its umbrella will be The Banyans Healthcare, Byron Private, Palladium Private.

The Banyans Healthcare, offers a luxury residential treatment centre and premium outpatient programs, with a history of providing treatment for people from around Australia and overseas. The treatment centres allow recovery in a serene and luxurious environment, backed by clinically robust and evidence-based medical and biopsychosocial care.

Further down the coast nestled in the Byron Bay hinterland, Byron Private offers a clinically backed group therapy model. Similarly, the centre has a long history of treating Australian and overseas clients and provides an integrative program to support people with a range of behavioural health conditions.

Within the hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast, Palladium Private offers a farm style retreat nestled in the grounds of an historic avocado farm. This offers an integrative program to therapy including one to one and group-based therapy to support people with a range of behavioural health issues.

Inspired by the Latin word for heal, Sana Health Group will launch in Australia early Jan 2023. The mission is to be Australasia’s leading specialist in behavioural health services, bringing together leading providers and offering prevention and treatment for addiction, mental health and eating disorders to those who are struggling the most.

The amalgamation of The Banyans Healthcare, Bryon Private and Palladium Private is a first for Australia says CEO of Sana Health Group, Georgie Blundell, and it echoes the overwhelming need today for high quality clinically based services to support many thousands of Australians in need.


Georgie Blundell

"Not only is each facility a leader in its own right, but Sana Health Group is also paving the way for what we hope becomes the new normal in behavioural healthcare treatment.”

"We understand just how challenging recovery can be, and we want to ensure access to treatment is simple with suitable models of care that suit people at different stages of their recovery journey. By having more facilities, with a range of models, we are able to help more people, which is the biggest result we could hope for.”

"Through strengthening each individual treatment centre, individuals seeking treatment are able to feel confident in their recovery journey and take that initial step to a new life,” Ms Blundell said.

Ruth Limkin, Sana Health Group Head of Engagement, says by bringing together multiple leaders within the healthcare space to provide a collaborative approach to best models and philosophies of care is ground-breaking and will assist those who are struggling with addiction, mental health and other disorders who are receiving valuable and life-changing care.

"We know that navigating treatment options can be overwhelming when people are ready to access care.

Ruth Limkin

The benefit of Sana Health Group bringing shared governance, support and experience to the private treatment landscape is that individuals and their families will have greater confidence in clinical quality when choosing a Sana Health Group provider,” Ms Limkin said.

"Having the support of Sana Health Group allows our frontline treatment teams to focus on delivering excellent client care, which is their great passion.”

Toby Hall

Toby Hall, Chairman of the Sana Health Group Board and former CEO of St Vincents, says it is vital to provide accessible facilities for patients throughout the different stages of recovery in their journeys."Providing continuity of clinical outcome measures, and a Group approach to clinical quality and safety provides clinicians with necessary tools and ongoing professional development. Health professionals, whether medical or allied health, will benefit from the wider clinical collaboration and governance available with the support of Sana Health Group,” Mr Hall said.

As Sana continues to grow its treatment options, there will be an ongoing focus to help people access the right care in the right way at the right time and delivering innovation in healthcare at multiple locations across the country. For more information visit



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