Sow Seeds of Success With These 5 Lawn Mowing Businesses For Sale

by Catherine Mangana 11th of March, 2024
Sow Seeds of Success With These 5 Lawn Mowing Businesses For Sale
Sow Seeds of Success With These 5 Lawn Mowing Businesses For Sale

In Australia, the amount of lawn mowing businesses is hard to ignore. With a staggering number of over 21 million households across the country, the demand for immaculately trimmed lawns is high. 

The appeal of buying a lawn mowing business is pretty clear, offering flexible schedules and relatively low running costs, making them an attractive option for Aussies eager to tap into the outdoor maintenance market.

From bustling city suburbs to expansive rural properties, the appeal of lawn mowing businesses continues to grow, driven by the nation's collective desire for well-kept outdoor spaces. Statistics reveal that there are more than 12,000 registered lawn mowing businesses in Australia, catering to the diverse needs of urban neighborhoods and rural landscapes alike. 


Why Buy a Lawn Mowing Business Rather then Start One?


  • Inheriting a Customer Base - saving you the time and effort required to build one from the ground up. This instant revenue stream provides a stable foundation for growth and profitability.
  • Likely Comes with Valuable Assets - such as equipment, vehicles, and a recognizable brand name, reducing upfront costs and accelerating the path to profit.
  • Access to Industry - operational systems, industry knowledge, and established relationships with suppliers and contractors are handed over when buying a lawn mowing business, streamlining the transition process and minimising potential risks.



Lawn Mowing Businesses for Sale Across Australia


1. Lawn Mowing Business For Sale in Hobart 


Lawn Mowing Business For Sale in Hobart

What You Need To Know:

  • Established Business: Over 20 years of trading in garden maintenance, serving the Hobart southern suburbs, with a sizable customer base.
  • Diverse Clientele: 126 regular monthly customers, with additional 122 customers scheduled once or twice per year, ensuring consistent revenue streams.
  • Comprehensive Services: Offerings include mowing, edging, weed control, laying mulch, pruning, and specialized maintenance of large and heritage-listed hedges.
  • Transition Support: Current owner committed to providing thorough training over a 4-week period, making this opportunity accessible to individuals without prior experience.
  • Inclusive Package: Sale price of $145k encompasses an annual profit of $115k, a custom-made aluminium trailer with electric tipper valued at $25k, tools and machinery worth $15k, a website, Facebook page, and favorable Google reviews.
  • Ideal for Partnerships: Suited for a father and son business or a young couple seeking a business in the outdoors.

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2. Lawn Mowing Business For Sale in Melbourne


Lawn Mowing Business in Melbourne

What You Need To Know:

  • Established Business: Operating for nearly 25 years, this garden maintenance business serves the eastern and south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, boasting over 120 loyal clients with regular bookings.
  • Strong Financial Performance: With a net profit exceeding $100k in FY23, the business demonstrates consistent profitability and stability.
  • Comprehensive Services: Offering a range of services including planting, weeding, fertilizing, hedging, and mulching, the business presents opportunities for expansion, particularly in introducing a mowing service.
  • Growth Potential: Lack of online presence and active marketing presents significant growth opportunities for a new owner, with weekly new client inquiries currently generated through word of mouth.
  • Dedicated Team: Supported by a great team of four casual employees, the full-time working owner benefits from efficient operations and service delivery.
  • Ideal for Passionate Individuals: Suited for individuals with a passion for gardening and outdoor work, the vendor ensures a thorough transition process, welcoming buyers with or without prior experience in the industry.

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3. Lawn Mowing Business for Sale in Sydney


Lawn Mowing Business in Sydney

What You Need To Know:

  • Lifestyle and Income Opportunity: Investing in a Jim's Mowing Franchise offers the perfect blend of lifestyle and income, allowing you to determine your earnings, enjoy flexible hours, and work outdoors in the fresh air.
  • Benefits of Franchise Ownership: As a franchise owner, you can reap the rewards of your hard work, take pride in your accomplishments, and experience a healthier lifestyle with reduced stress levels.
  • Eastwood East Franchise Split: The Eastwood East Franchise Split presents a lucrative opportunity with an estimated yearly income of $103,574 from regular clients, along with a substantial number of work and unserviced leads.
  • Training and Support: With comprehensive training and ongoing support provided, franchisees receive the necessary resources and assistance to succeed in their business endeavors.
  • Fulfilling Career: Joining Jim's Mowing allows you to enjoy a rewarding career rather than just a job, where you can take control of your future and make a positive impact on your community.
  • Take the Leap: Don't miss out on the chance to become your own boss and embark on a fulfilling journey as a Jim's Mowing franchisee. Take the leap today and start reaping the benefits of entrepreneurship and outdoor work.

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Lawn Mowing Business For Sale in Sydney


4. Lawn Mowing Business for Sale in Perth


Lawn Mowing Business in Perth

What You Need To Know:

  • Independent Business Opportunity: Take control of your career by acquiring this well-established lawn mowing round, offering the freedom to work for yourself without the constraints of a franchise.
  • Diverse Client Base: Benefit from a total round comprising 67 regular mowing jobs and 4 less regular mowing jobs, including long-standing relationships with real estate agencies and a mix of residential, strata, and commercial clients.
  • Lucrative Income Potential: Earn approximately $50,800 from regular clients and $1,120 from less regular clients, with ample opportunities for additional income through add-on work and real estate referrals.
  • Convenient Locations: Servicing primarily three key areas – Mt Lawley/North Perth, Wembley/Wembley Downs, and Stirling/Balcatta – providing efficiency and convenience for servicing clients.
  • Support and Transition: Receive comprehensive support, including a full manual with client and job information, client introductions, and optional training, ensuring a seamless transition for the new owner.
  • Optional Equipment Sale: Explore the opportunity to purchase additional assets, including a 2005 Hino Dutro Truck and a full set of equipment, enhancing operational efficiency and facilitating business continuity.

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Lawn Mowing Business for Sale in Perth


5. Lawn Mowing Business For Sale in Brisbane


Lawn Mowing Business in Brisbane

What You Need To Know: 

  • Lucrative Opportunity: Black & White Home Services paid out over $1.5 million to franchisees for aged care work in the last financial year, highlighting the potential for substantial earnings.
  • Prime Franchise Location: A new franchise is available for sale in the Brisbane South/Woolloongabba to Wynnum down to Coomera area, with a ready-made client base awaiting a dedicated operator.
  • Comprehensive Services: The franchise offers a wide range of services including lawn mowing, garden care, landscaping, rubbish removal, pruning, gutter cleaning, and odd jobs, catering to diverse client needs.
  • Training and Support: Full training is provided to franchisees, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality services.
  • Equipment Included: All equipment and trailers required to perform the listed jobs are supplied, minimizing startup costs and facilitating seamless operations.
  • Strong Client Base: With over 35 aged care providers and more than 20 customers waiting for services, the franchise presents a promising opportunity for growth and success.

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Lawn Mowing Business for Sale in Brisbane


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