The Benefits of Manufacturing in Australia

by Arnold Pierce Kelsey 14th of December, 2020


Are you in the process of launching a new product, and do you require components to be manufactured? It has become the norm for anyone in Australia requiring to have a product manufactured, to automatically source overseas. In Australia, the general consensus is that our manufacturing industries are not able to compete with overseas prices. That is definitely not the case for a number of products manufactured in several different industries. Even if the price of an Australian product is slightly higher, think of the benefits of manufacturing in your own backyard. 

These benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • The opportunity to oversee and control the complete manufacturing process.

  • Ensuring that the quality is maintained at every stage, from tooling, to manufacturing, to assembly, to packing. It may be too late when the product has already been shipped from overseas and delivered to your warehouse.

  • Reducing the huge impact of having faulty products delivered from the overseas manufacturers and the associated rework or scrap costs. The unavoidable delivery delays, the possible cancellation of orders and the loss of Sales.

  • Shorter delivery times, no long shipping delays, no hold up at the docks. 

  • Avoid the possibility of a non-delivery of your products from an overseas manufacturer due to Covid-19 like situations.

  • The drastically reduced inventory and reduced warehousing will result in less of your capital being tied up. 

  • Being able to proudly advertise that your product is Made in Australia, especially in these uncertain Covid-19 times.

Next time you are considering manufacturing a new product, take a moment to think about the benefits of manufacturing in Australia. Think about it seriously, weigh the pros and cons and allow Australian manufacturers the opportunity to quote before you rush overseas.




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