This Year I’m Giving a Gift of H2O

17th of December, 2019


Farmers are the toughest and most resilient business owners this country has to offer. Their smart, resourceful and great planners. However, they can’t plan for everything - including an unprecedented and extended drought period.


Over recent years, Australians have become big fans of the #supportlocal business movement. Which ultimately sees us spending money for gifts, produce, luxury items - anything really - from our own shores rather than those abroad. 


It’s great for the economy but it’s also great for the community and morale. 


This Christmas should be no different. Being able to support our local business owners, like farmers, helps them see through another day, week, month and year of this drought without having to sell off their assets, or worse, letting their animals die from dehydration or starvation. 

There are things we can do! This year we’re giving the gift of water. That’s right, we can help donate to a cause called “Litres for the Land”.


The concept is simple. Through Local Club fundraising activities and public donations, millions of litres of water will be purchased and transported to the communities in need and donated to farms and families that need it the most.


Help show rural Australian families they are not alone. We may not be able to make it rain, but we can give water, we can give hope.