This Year our Kris Kringle has One Rule


Kris Kringle is a great way to get your work colleagues, friends or family into the spirit of Christmas without spending a fortune on gifts. We often do it within family circles but in recent years we’ve extended the tradition into our friends’ network as well. A lot of the time we don’t see our friends around the Christmas period given it’s such a busy time for all, so having a Kris Kringle brings us together whether it be in person or via Skype.

You see, a lot of my friends don’t live in Sydney where I do. In fact, some don’t even live in the same state. So by having a Kris Kringle, it gives us an excuse to catch up. However, this year is different. This year we did Kris Kringle based on one rule, one condition. 


We pledged that we would buy all KK gifts from #buyfromthebush. 


For those of you who haven’t heard of this phenomenon, Buy from the Bush showcases beautiful products available for purchase in rural areas facing drought. A lot of these business owners are feeling the pinch as income from both locals and tourists has dried up, much like the land. 


Buying from the Bush injects the local economy with money. It ensures that these small businesses see through to the other side of this drought. It feeds families. It’s a real, tangible way to help people doing it tough out there. Plus, there are a ton of stores and categories to choose from including food, wine, wellness, fashion, and home decor. 


In aid of Australia’s current drought situation being able to support this wonderful cause gives a whole new meaning to giving back this Christmas. With most businesses selling online, it’s a no brainer to help fellow Aussies through a tough time and what is shaping up to be another long, hot summer. 


If you’re thinking of purchasing a gift for a Kris Kringle, friend, family member or colleague, think twice about where you’re purchasing from and how supporting local could help a family and a community, this Christmas. 


Caragh Welford


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