What to Consider when Buying a Dog Grooming Business

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What to Consider when Buying a Dog Grooming Business
Dog Grooming Business

If you are thinking about buying a dog grooming business for sale or a pet shop you need to consider what is involved. There are a number of factors that can affect the pet grooming industry and a lot of competition and franchises have started up in the past few years that have impacted on the market share.


Thinking about buying a Dog Grooming Business For Sale?


What is involved?

If you intend to own and run the dog grooming business, you need to evaluate if you have the capabilities to perform the job. Are you qualified to wash, clip, trim, cut nails, prepare dogs for show condition, deal with aggressive or frightened dogs. Will you have a mobile dog grooming service or will the clients come to you? What are the costs involved in driving to the client's house and setting up the trailer? If you're going to have a shop front or be located at a vet, what are the costs involved, how many dogs do you need to groom a day to cover costs, then make money?

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Can the business survive changes in the economy?

Dog grooming may be seen as a luxury for many. How will the business cope if spending becomes tight? How will you encourage your regular clients to continue with the grooming service?

Is there an established client base?

If not, you could consider partnering up with a Pet Store or Vet to encourage new business. Getting involved in local dog shows could also be an asset.

Buying Dog Grooming Business
With the minimal price that people pay for dog grooming, you need to be sure there is enough market share for you to make money.

Does the pet grooming business have a good reputation?

If not, it could be hard to fix its reputation and gain clients - though you could rebrand. People can be rather protective of their pets and don't want them being mistreated, washed with an unsafe product, or given a hideous haircut. If you are going to be a sole operator, you need to develop a positive image for your name. Develop a facebook page and create a happy dog-friendly image around that. e.g "Sally's Dog Hair Grooming" and if everyone knows who Sally is and what she stands for in regards to dog grooming you could develop a loyal following. Many people treat their pets as family, especially those who get dog grooming. So creating a positive image for yourself will do wonders for your business.



There are a lot of dog grooming businesses now on the market. Franchise trailers have started to take a larger market share of the dog grooming industry. Be sure to check out the competition. With the minimal price that people pay for dog grooming, you need to be sure there is enough market share for you to make money.


Franchised Dog Grooming Businesses

If you are looking to buy a franchised business, such as the dog grooming trailers be sure you read the contracts carefully and assess how many operators are in your area (not just for the franchise you're looking to buy, but for the competition as well). You need to make sure that the cost you are paying for the trailer and the franchisee rights are going to be covered in a few months - years by the sales of dog grooming.




Selling a Dog Grooming Business:

When it comes to selling a dog grooming business you need to make sure you have a solid list of regular clients. People are protective of their pets, so if you have built up a good reputation and solid relationship with the pet owners, you should have solid repeat business when it comes to selling the business. The better the clientele list the more your business should sell for. If you don't have strong relationships a buyer will be hesitant to buy your business, as they are merely buying a name and equipment that has no solid clients.

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