Tips for Franchising

by DC Strategy 1st of February, 2019

DC Strategy Consultants’ TIPS FOR FRANCHISING

There’s still time to make your new year’s resolutions, so why not start planning out all of your future business and franchising endeavours?

Before you begin to follow through with your business dreams, ensure that you do your due diligence, particularly if your business goals involve crossing over to the world of franchising. Before taking that exciting leap, you must understand why you want to franchise your business to begin with. Believe it or not - this is fundamental to your future success in internal and external operations of the business.

DC Strategy’s team of expert consultants can help you with all of your decision making and initial development of your new business journey for 2019. This is an exciting time in your life, which is why you should seek out the best knowledge and advice available to you.

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Here are are few pointers on DC Strategy Consultants’ top tips for franchising in 2019:


1. Understand your initial desire to begin franchising.

2. Operate an established business model with a few outlets which are performing well to prove the concept doesn’t simply rely on the personality of the franchisor.

3. Validate that your business model will provide profits for all the relevant parties of the franchise: franchisor, franchisees, and suppliers of course.

4. Choose your franchisees wisely, and ensure that they possess both passion to operate a profitable business as well as ability to comply.

5. Remain transparent across all of your dealings with franchisees from start to finish.

6. Provide ongoing support for your franchisees, but monitor your contribution: don’t do all the work for the franchisee.

7. Be willing to invest in developing the franchise, always continue to build on your brand’s network and presence.

8. Ensure that you remain confident in your business decisions and matters relating to the ethos of your business: this is your project, remember to do what’s best for the brand and seek guidance when necessary.

There’s no time like the present to jump headfirst into new and exciting opportunities, so why not take the leap? Make 2019 your best year yet! Wanting to know more about franchising? Get in touch with DC Strategy today and speak to one of our consultants about the fantastic opportunities available to develop your brand, with a free initial assessment to set you on the right path.

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