Why Fuel Stations Selling More Than Fuel Makes Sense

by Catherine Mangana 17th of November, 2023
Why Fuel Stations Selling More Than Fuel Makes Sense
Fueling Success - Why Buying a Petrol Station is a Smart Business Move in Australia

Australia's petrol station industry stands as a robust and dynamic sector that continues to play a pivotal role in the nation's economic landscape. For anyone seeking an ideal business opportunity, buying a petrol station could be a strategic and rewarding decision. 

The truth is Australia is the worlds largest island, and 6th largest country. Australians use road transport to travel not only in their day to day lives, but also when travelling in between cities and states.

The 2022 Australian census shows us that the average Australian household owns 1.8 cars and these cars continued to be the most popular mode of transport to get to work in every state and territory. With a strong emphasis on transportation, petrol stations are essential for keeping the wheels of the nation turning. This demand ensures a consistent and reliable revenue stream, making petrol stations a resilient choice when buying a business.

The competitive nature of the petrol station market in Australia, presents a unique advantage for potential buyers. The fluctuating fuel prices and the presence of multiple players in the market mean that consumers benefit from competitive pricing. As a business owner, this environment offers opportunities for strategic pricing, loyalty programs, and diversification beyond fuel sales. 

The evolution of petrol stations into convenience hubs adds another layer of appeal. With listings continually highlighting the profit margins on their grocery sections:

"With an average of 150,000 liters in fuel sales and $65,000 in shop sales" Bsale ID 568453 

"Fuel sales averaging 254,260 liters per month and shop sales reaching $110,000 per month with a 40% gross profit." Bsale ID 624996

Many petrol stations now include convenience stores that cater to the customers diverse needs, dependent on the area. This provides additional revenue streams beyond fuel sales. This diversification keeps up with changing consumer preferences, making petrol stations not just a place for refueling but a destination for various everyday needs. Who doesn't have fond memories of the pit stops at a 'servo'on a long road trip to grab some snacks?

In the wide open spaces of rural Australia and along the endless highways, petrol stations play a crucial role for folks on road trips. They're not just places to fill up the tank; they're like friendly pit stops in the middle of nowhere. When you're cruising through our gorgeous lanscape or tackling those massive highways, these stations become your go-to for more than just fuel—think snacks and supplies.

In the quiet stretches of the countryside, petrol stations are the little hubs of civilization, offering a sense of comfort and connection to those exploring the vast beauty of Australia's landscapes.

They're not just stops; they are a part of that trip, making the Aussie road trip experience a bit more special. More importantly, they are a vital to fuel up and keep the drive going.


Buying a Petrol Station In Australia


Check out some of the latest petrol stations for sale in Australia!


1. Fingal Head - NSW


The United Branded Service Station, strategically located between Kingscliff and Gold Coast in Regional NSW, offers a prime business opportunity in a thriving tourist town. With monthly fuel profits of $16,520 and a one-man, efficiently managed operation, the station presents a stable investment with substantial growth potential. The long lease until 2030, options for renewal, and the chance to become part of the renowned United Brand make this service station an attractive prospect for those seeking a profitable and sustainable business venture in a high-traffic area.

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2. Bengigo + Loddon Mallee Region - VIC


For sale is a thriving independent service station in Victoria, strategically located on a busy highway with no competition within a 30 km radius. With an average of 150,000 liters in fuel sales and $65,000 in shop sales, the business offers high margins, particularly with a fuel sale margin of approximately 12 cents per liter. The site features a renovated convenience store and an upgraded commercial kitchen, making it an easy-to-operate, one-man business with excellent growth potential.

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3. Western Australia 


This fuel station, located in an excellent spot and easily manageable under full management, offers a prime investment opportunity. With consistent revenue exceeding $5 million and a net profit close to $1 million, the business has seen substantial growth over the last 5 years, with fuel representing 54% of revenue. Boasting a professional kitchen that contributes nearly 80% of profits, the business operates 6 ½ days a week, with 24-hour fuel sales and pay-at-pump equipment. With minimal competition, a strong leasehold, and potential for freehold purchase, this well-established business, serving both local and large-scale projects, is positioned for continued success.

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4. Riverina - NSW


Priced at $105,000 plus Stock at Value (SAV), this independent service station in a renowned country town, three hours southwest of Sydney, presents a prime opportunity for an owner-operator. Currently under management, the station boasts a yearly income exceeding $100,000 before tax for an owner operator. With a well-maintained store, options for rebranding, and potential for growth as a gateway to the Snowy Mountains region, the business includes features like gas bottle sales, firewood, a coffee machine, trailer hire, and three fuel options. The monthly fuel sale ranges from 120,000 to 150,000 liters, and the shop sale, currently over $12,000-$15,000 per month, offers further growth potential, especially if owner-operated with food services. The lease, extending till 2028 with options for another 10 years, comes at $7,500 per month including GST. The business, open seven days a week, presents additional income opportunities through a rented mechanic shop, potential car wash, ATM addition, and diversification into hot food. Full training is provided to serious buyers.

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5. Townsville - QLD


Situated in Belgian Gardens, Nightowl Townsville is a prime service station offering both fuel and convenience. With a strategic location as the sole P & C store between the airport and northern suburbs, it benefits from over 25,000 passing vehicles per day. The business boasts a trusted brand with strong support, modern marketing tools, group buying power, and a leading point-of-sale system. The 160sqm store, equipped with new fuel pumps and recently renovated, provides dual street access for customers and includes nine customer parking spaces. Operating from 5 am to 11 pm seven days a week, the potential for 24-hour operation exists. The presence of hotels, motels, caravan parks, and tourist areas nearby further enhances its market position.

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6. Newcastle - NSW


This service station near Newcastle presents an excellent ownership opportunity with an asking price of $1,250,000 plus Stock at Value (SAV). Boasting over 6.5 million in annual sales, the business operates under management with an annual net profit of approximately $367,770. The long lease provides stability, and the station is open seven days a week with fuel sales averaging 254,260 liters per month and shop sales reaching $110,000 per month with a 40% gross profit. Additional revenue from kebab sales amounts to $31,000 per month with a 65% gross profit. With monthly expenses at approximately $40,490, the net income before tax is around $30,650 per month. The acquisition cost includes the business price, estimated stock at $100,000+/- 15%, and legal fees at actuals. Complete training is provided for a smooth transition.

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7. Melton - VIC


This branded petrol station near Melton offers an exciting business opportunity with a guaranteed commission of 6 cents per litre for 300,000 litres per month. With a 10-year fuel agreement with a growing brand, a long lease term of approximately 12 years, and a prime location with limited competition, this venture promises stability and substantial growth. Boasting strong revenue streams, including an impressive shop sale of approximately $72,000+ per month and an average of 303,000+ litres of monthly fuel sales, the business has low operational costs and is designed for success. With minimal owner involvement and easy fuel bond arrangements, this opportunity is well-suited for an owner-operator looking to enhance profits further. The potential for culinary expertise, particularly in preparing kebabs and pizzas, adds an extra layer of opportunity in this thriving fuel and convenience store industry.

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8. South Brisbane - QLD


This high-revenue independent service station in Brisbane is listed for sale at $849,000 plus Stock at Value. With over $6 million in annual sales, the station operates seven days a week under management, offering a range of services including a petrol station and kebab shop. Boasting strong monthly fuel and shop sales, the business provides a net income before tax of $28,300 per month under management, potentially exceeding $38,000 per month if owner-operated, with the option for profit maximization by optimizing the kebab shop's efficiency.

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