You Can Find Success Buying Restaurants in The Booming Australian Market

by Catherine Mangana 8th of December, 2023
You Can Find Success Buying Restaurants in The Booming Australian Market
You Can Find Success Buying Restaurants in The Booming Australian Market

In the great Aussie landscape of our growing culinary scene, business owners are discovering a shortcut to success by opting to buying existing restaurant businesses rather than starting from scratch. According to market insights from Bsale, a leading business-for-sale advertising platform, there are currently 1960 restaurants on the market, with 77 new listings in the last seven days alone. The total market value of these restaurants for sale stands at an impressive $927,000,000, with an average price of around $473,000 per restaurant.

Australia is home to a thriving restaurant industry that caters to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. From trendy cafes in Melbourne to fine dining establishments in Sydney, Australians have a love affair with food and dining out. The restaurant scene is vibrant and bustling, offering a tonne of choices for locals and tourists alike.


The Appeal of Buying a Restaurant Business


1. Reduced Startup Risks:

Starting a restaurant from the ground up can be risky. Buying an existing business mitigates these risks as the business likely already has a customer base, established suppliers, and a proven menu.

2. Fast-Track to Profitability:

Buying a restaurant allows you to hit the ground running. With an existing infrastructure in place, new owners can focus on refining operations and enhancing the customer experience rather than grappling with the challenges of a startup.

3. Proven Track Record:

Established restaurants come with a track record of performance. This historical data is invaluable in making informed decisions about potential revenue and growth opportunities.


A Glimpse into the Market


In the last week alone, the restaurant-for-sale market has seen a surge in listings, indicating a robust industry. The average price of $470,000 per restaurant reflects not just the tangible assets but also the potential for future growth.

The Australian government recognizes the importance of small businesses, including restaurants, and offers tax benefits that can significantly impact your bottom line. For instance, the Instant Asset Write-off scheme allows you to immediately deduct the cost of qualifying assets, such as kitchen equipment or furnishings, up to a certain threshold. This can free up much-needed cash flow for your business, making it easier to invest in other crucial areas.


Dining Culture Down Under


Beyond the business market, Australians' love for dining out is a key driver for the restaurant industry. With approximately 54% of working Australians eating out daily across the country, the demand for restaurants remains high. This steady footfall is a promising sign for prospective restaurant owners looking to capitalise on the nation's foodie culture.

In 2022 alone, the hospitality sector saw over 58 billion dollars worth of revenue. For anyone playing with the idea of buying a restaurant, this revenue stream presents a golden opportunity. The steady hospitality industry not only ensures a constant influx of customers but also hints at a culture where Australians value and prioritise their dining experiences. Restaurant owners can leverage this revenue trend to their advantage, tapping into a market that has demonstrated consistent growth and stability.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Australian restaurant industry is its cultural diversity. Australia is a melting pot of different cuisines, reflecting its multicultural society. From Italian trattorias to Asian street food stalls, there is something for everyone. Restaurant owners have the freedom to explore and experiment with a wide range of flavors, creating unique and enticing menus that appeal to a diverse customer base.


Realizing the Dream


For those with a passion for the culinary arts and a dream of owning their own business, buying an existing restaurant is emerging as a strategic and smart choice. The current market conditions present a unique opportunity for anyone looking to enter the thriving Australian restaurant scene.

The numbers tell a compelling story – buying a restaurant in Australia is not just a business decision; it's a chance to become a part of a vibrant culinary community. With reduced risks, a proven track record, and a market brimming with opportunities, savvy business owners are finding success by buying existing restaurants.


Restaurants for Sale Across Australia


Greenwood Gem - Fully Licensed Family Restaurant


Discover a thriving Eastern European-inspired restaurant in Greenwood, WA, with 12 months of successful operation. This fully licensed restaurant boasts a low monthly rent of $4.6K, making it an ideal opportunity for an owner-operator. The business features both indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces, a dedicated kids' outdoor play area, online order sales, and the potential for a revamp, complete with a fully equipped industrial kitchen. 

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Thriving Licensed Restaurant in Cronulla


Boasting a unique indoor seating capacity for 32 patrons and situated strategically at a prominent corner, this restaurant captures the essence of seaside living. With efficient management, a loyal local clientele, and the potential for extended trading hours, this turnkey operation offers not only a thriving business opportunity but also the chance to embrace the fantastic lifestyle that the region provides. Whether you're an entrepreneur or a family seeking stability with a touch of seaside charm, this restaurant is your gateway to unparalleled value and untapped opportunities. 

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Pakington Delight - Established Thai Restaurant in Geelong West


Seize the opportunity to own a thriving Thai restaurant on Pakington Street, Geelong West VIC, featuring 46 seats and a loyal 15-year customer base. This profitable business, equipped with a full kitchen, liquor license, and established takeaway services through MenuLog and Uber Eats, presents an ideal restaurant for a dynamic owner or a husband-and-wife team. Take the reins of this well-regarded restaurant in a high-traffic area, offering not only delicious Thai cuisine but also significant revenue potential.

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Cairns' Iconic Orient Express Sushi Train


This well-established conveyor belt sushi restaurant is located centrally in Orchid Plaza. With a legacy spanning two decades, this culinary gem offers not only fresh sushi but also a tempting array of hot Japanese staples like tempura and dumplings. Boasting the coveted title of No.1 Sushi Restaurant in Cairns, this prime-positioned eatery caters to both locals and tourists, supported by a loyal customer base. With a fully licensed operation, no upgrades required, and a stellar online reputation, including a 4.8-star rating on Google and 5-star rating on TripAdvisor, Orient Express Sushi Train stands as a turnkey opportunity for an owner-operator.

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Modern Restaurant/Bar with Affordable Rent in Coburg 


Unveil the opportunity of a lifetime with this long-standing and well-known modern restaurant/bar, strategically located for maximum visibility and surrounded by a massive passing trade. Boasting a robust turnover of $7,000 per week and a remarkably low rent of $700, this thriving business comes with a secure lease and currently operates 6 days a week, offering seating for 70 both inside and outside. With a loyal customer base and the potential for growth, this restaurant is the perfect canvas for a burger bar, Mexican, Asian, or Indian cuisine. The owners, with genuine selling reasons, provide all necessary training and assistance, making this a turnkey venture with immense potential.

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Seafood Oasis in St George 


Celebrate 8 years of thriving success with this exceptional fish and chip shop in the heart of St George. Boasting a cozy family restaurant feel, loyal customer base, and a stellar 4.5-star Google review, this establishment is not just a business but a testament to enduring quality. With potential for expansion and the possibility of transforming into a fully managed operation, it stands as a promising opportunity in the vibrant St George region.

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Bavarian Charm in Central Ipswich 


Discover the allure of this well-established German restaurant, drawing loyal customers from near and far to experience its authentic German atmosphere and cuisine. Nestled in Ipswich's Top of Town heritage precinct, this beer Haus offers excellent service and delectable cuisine in a contemporary setting. With an annual revenue surpassing $750k, a loyal staff, and the potential for extended hours, this business is poised for profitability in Ipswich, the fastest-growing city in QLD, set to reach a population of 520,000 by 2040. The sale includes the entire fit-out, and with no significant competition.

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A Seaside Culinary Haven in Burnie 


Indulge in premium Tasmanian seafood at Fish on the Edge, a renowned family-owned establishment celebrated for its locally sourced, top-quality seafood. With a licensed seafood restaurant, takeaway venue, and retail seafood shop, it has earned a reputation as the region's best for fish and chips. Nestled in a vibrant area with glimpses of Bass Strait, the cafe provides a delightful dining experience. Situated off the highway amidst bustling foot traffic, this establishment has cultivated a loyal and expanding customer base, presenting a golden opportunity for buyers seeking a business venture in the heart of Burnie TAS. 

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Elegant Indian Dining on the Main Street in Melton


Indulge in a modern Indian dining experience on the bustling main street of a Western suburb. With a prime location, luxurious ambiance, and fully equipped kitchen, this licensed restaurant, recently renovated, seats 150 and holds a liquor license, offering versatile spaces for functions. Generating $50,000 monthly, there's ample potential for growth by expanding trading hours, diversifying the menu, and venturing into catering services. This presents an ideal opportunity for an owner-operator to elevate this fine dining gem to new heights.

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Prime Venue with Full Liquor License in WA 


Boasting a picturesque view of the Two Rocks Marina, this establishment comes complete with a full liquor license, a spacious seating capacity of 80-100, and a beautiful alfresco area. Currently trading from 5 pm to 8 pm, the potential for extended hours presents a lucrative opportunity for growth.

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Modern Asian Delight in Central Canberra 


An established and profitable modern Asian restaurant with a fine tea bar is now on the market, presenting an exceptional opportunity due to the owners' impending return overseas. Since its inception in January 2022, the restaurant has garnered a cult following, outstanding Google reviews, and even secured a Local Business Award for Outstanding Restaurant in 2023. With an authentic menu and unique tea experience, the venue seats 40 inside and 12 outside in a high-quality, award-winning fit-out. Located on a bustling main street, the business has potential for extended hours and outdoor expansion.

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