Con is a Licenced Estate Agent and Auctioneer; he has been a business owner since the age of 23. Beginning as a real estate cadet at the age of 18, Con went on to build a thriving award-winning Real Estate business and career that spanned over 21 years. His experience in marketing, negotiating, and managing businesses provided him with the skills needed to expand into other industries. Con has come to LINK with a wealth of experience and a passion for achieving results that is simply unrivalled!

Published Articles

Accurate Financial Statements Are Crucial In Selling A Business. Here’s Why

Accurate Financial Statements Are Crucial In Selling A Busin...

Con Tsonis20 June 2023

Accurate financial statements are essential when selling a business. They provide potential buyers with critical information about the company's performance, profitability and overall financial health. Without accurate financials, buyers may be hesitant to acq... Read More » 1 min read

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