Joanna Oakey

Lawyer and Managing Partner, Aspect Legal

Joanna Oakey is a commercial lawyer and deal maker with a passion for business, who has worked with hundreds of businesses during her 2 decades in the industry, as they are acquiring and exiting. Joanna is the host of The Deal Room (Australia’s top legal podcast on SME mergers and acquisitions). She is the Managing Director of Aspect Legal, a commercial legal firm that specialises in helping growing businesses acquire, consolidate for growth by building a fortress around their assets, and eventually exit in a way that draws the optimal value they deserve out of their business.

Published Articles

5 Critical Steps for Maximising the Sale of your Business

5 Critical Steps for Maximising the Sale of your Business

Joanna Oakey22 November 2022

Often when a business owner decides to think about exit, the horse has already bolted – it’s too late to put in place key elements that would have maximised the value of their business.  As the seller, there are three major considerations for a... Read More » 4 min read

Three Strategies to Combat “Quiet Quitting”

Three Strategies to Combat “Quiet Quitting”

Joanna Oakey25 October 2022

While the Australian economy is in the midst of a tightened labour market, inflation and a skills shortage, the emergence of ‘quiet quitting’ as a trend is not surprising.  There are various opinions on whether this is in fact a trend employers... Read More » 3 min read

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