With over half a decade of successfully operating her Business Sales Agency in South Australia, Shweta has the knowledge and expertise required to sell and buy local SA businesses. Her deep and detailed understanding of the local market,  her international exposure in the corporate world and her multicultural background, puts her in the front seat of the dynamic Australian business market. 

Shweta's background in business spans well over 15 years and includes working with large international companies like General Electric and Optus, both internationally and in Australia, to then owning her own KFC franchise in Adelaide. 

Coming from a family who owns a  high performing fast-food business, she first hand understands what it takes to operate a busy small business. Having witnessed the business sales process both as a buyer and a seller, Shweta has the key skills to guide others through this process from start to finish.

"The challenges, joys and aspirations of an SMB owner are close to my heart and I am passionate about assisting natives and people moving to our beautiful state, to own their first business and investors growing their portfolios".  

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September 2022


Your Business is an Asset; it Needs an Exit Strategy!

by Caitlin Mary 23rd of September, 2022

When Shweta Tripathi came to Australia over 16 years ago from India, the idea of becoming a business broker wasn’t in her mind. Born and raised in metropolitan New Dehli, where she worked for a large multinational company General Electric, Shweta packed her bags and set off on her next life adventure. 

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17 min read

Published Articles

Business Owners Can Run a Business, But Can They Sell It?

Business Owners Can Run a Business, But Can They Sell It?

Shweta Tripathi4 July 2023

Running a business requires immense dedication, passion, and a multitude of skills. Business owners invest significant time and resources into building their companies from the ground up. However, amidst the day-to-day operations and growth strategies, one... Read More » 3 min read

A Profit and Loss Doesn't Show the Whole Picture: Here's Why.

A Profit and Loss Doesn't Show the Whole Picture: Here's...

Shweta Tripathi13 June 2023

There is no denying as a business broker, when I see a healthy P&L statement meeting all the industry benchmarks and minimal normalisations, I am excited.   The Business Sales world, however, does not begin or end with a  healthy Profit and loss sta... Read More » 2 min read

Why Do Business Owners Want To Sell a Business?

Why Do Business Owners Want To Sell a Business?

Shweta Tripathi6 December 2020

Often we get asked - Why is the business owner selling the business? It is an important question for some purchasers, almost a part of their due diligence. “if it is a profitable business, why do they want to sell a business?” is a thought that... Read More » 3 min read

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