Vijay Reddy

Director and Senior Partner Winquote

I built a seasoned Team based on an impeccable financial background that have the uncanny ability to provide modern SMEs with the solutions that fits their immediate need whilst having a strategy to work with our client to seek a more cost effective longer Term funding options . Clients appreciate my seasoned wholistic approach and our Teams fast-acting and determined attitude.

With more than four decades of experience, my network of lender relationships is as strong as my passion to assist Business Owners whether they are starting off on their journey or at the stage where they are considering Succession Planning . When it comes to the financial aspects of conducting modern business, or acquiring funding at short notice , I’m happy to call on my experience , Trusted bankers and Lenders to help you achieve the desired result.

While on the surface the global economy may look a bit unstable, it’s all about who you know. I believe this is truly the era of the entrepreneur and small business to make good on their investment and Business goals.

When I step away from the business, I enjoy mentoring Mortgage and Finance Brokers as well as build a business that is evergreen and future proofed . Our concerns and goals as Business owners are not so different . I Look forward to speaking to you about your financial goals.


Published Articles

How to Source Finance to Buy a Business

How to Source Finance to Buy a Business

Vijay Reddy16 November 2023

Sourcing finance to buy a small or medium-sized business in Australia involves careful planning and consideration of various options. Here are some common ways to finance the purchase of a business in Australia:   Personal Savings Using your own savings... Read More » 2 min read

10 Effective Negotiation Strategies to Maximize your Chances of a Successful Business Sale

10 Effective Negotiation Strategies to Maximize your Chances of...

Vijay Reddy27 July 2023

Preparation Thoroughly research the business, its competitors, and the market conditions. Understand the seller's motivation for selling, the adjusted financials, and any potential issues that may arise during negotiations.   Set clear objectives for you... Read More » 1 min read

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