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These BSALE ads includes Businesses for Sale in the Brisbane QLD region including suburbs Brisbane, Ipswich, Indooroopilly. Refine your search by selecting a category such as Food - Takeaway for Sale or inserting a keyword such as Fast Food or Freehold. If your looking at selling a business in Brisbane or locating a business broker we can also assist.

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Buying a business in Brisbane QLD is an exciting opportunity to be part of the business community. Brisbane is home to 2.5 million people and is the 3rd largest city in Australia. The best place to start buying a business is to conduct a search in the Brisbane region; you can then narrow the results by keywords, category or price. It's a good idea to save your search results and listings so you can easily find them later. Once you have found a suitable business, you can contact the seller via the form. They may request you complete an NDA to keep the business details confidential. You can then discuss the business further and conduct due diligence.

Brisbane is the third-largest city in Australia and is home to beautiful beaches and sunny weather. As with most major cities, you can purchase just about any type of business, from tourism to mechanics or hospitality.  The type of business you purchase in Brisbane will depend on your experience and preferred location.

Brisbane has several major suburbs with business districts such as the CBD, Chermside, Brookside, Indooroopilly, Carindale, Ipswich and Logan. You can type a particular suburb on the search bar such as ‘Capalaba 4157’ and see business opportunities within 10km of that suburb. It's important to note that many businesses advertised for sale wish to remain confidential so won’t display the actual suburb; they may be placed under ‘Brisbane CBD 4000’. It’s a good idea to search for the particular type of business you are after and extend the radius to 100km.

Yes, business brokers are the professionals who help people buy and sell businesses. In Brisbane, many quality brokers can help you purchase a business and guide you through the due diligence process. When you make contact with the seller, you may be contacting a business broker about the sale.

Brisbane is QLD’s capital city, so it has businesses for sale from $50,000 - $1,000,000 +. Businesses may be established as a sole trader, partnership, franchise or company. How much money you need to buy a business in Brisbane will depend on several factors such as the capital you have to invest, your desired ROI and your expected weekly income. New listings are regularly added to Bsale. a

In Brisbane, the first step to selling your business is getting it prepared and having an exit strategy. The better prepared your business is, the higher the chances for an optimum sale price. Check out Bsale’s 6 Steps to prepare a business for sale; it will provide a check-list and a general step-by-step guide. There are licensed business brokers in Brisbane who can assist during the sale process and list your business on websites such as Bsale. Check out our ‘find a business broker’ section to find a broker to sell your particular business. Bsale offers advertising to business owners, brokers and franchise groups.