Dual, Vending-based Automatic Laundromat Package #328

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Dual, Vending-based Automatic Laundromat Package #328

This is a Dual, “Cash Money/Tap and Go Technology,” Vending-Based Automatic Laundromat Package. Not Just 1 But 2, Laundromat Investment Package. Operating Within These Two Ideal Areas, Which are Both Socio-Economically Supportive and Provides a Reliable Passive Income. Located within this Fast-Growing Region and Surrounding Area – Including Many New Housing Developments and a Mass Population. Positions that Draw an Organically Generated Patronage & Resultant Sales - Ever So Reliably. Generating a Solid and Substantial Net Income Return – No Matter the New Owner’s Background...

• Established for nearly half a century (coins and pay wave technology) based laundromat, and more than a few decades for the other (coin only) based laundromat. This is a dual business investment package.

• There is more than meets the eye when owning these two passive income generating “cash cows” – literally. As, one of the roles is for cash money to be collected and banked from the many machines that clients use to provide all their laundry washing and related drying.

• Conveniently located within fast growing, and large population based areas, including drawing clients organically from the greater surrounding region, the housing boom is pushing the demand for commercial grade automatic laundromats (no staff required, day to day), to the point that the sales generated and subsequent net income is not only highly rewarding but is consistent. This regular income provides a comfort and a lack of hours needing to be invested into this business by its owner.

• Anyone already owning or within the automatic and passive income generating laundromat industry, understands just how great it is to own one or many for that matter. We know of ample investors who feel borderline “addicted” to this type of business, once they’ve been introduced to the ease in which money is made and the minimal hours needed to provide the local community with this type of “always required” washing and drying service.

• Clients of all ages, including those visiting and staying close to see loved ones at hospitals, those travelling and playing tourist within the local areas, visitors to the region who also require a way to wash their clothes on their time, using a commercial grade and quality of machine (washer and dryer) make up the eclectic group of clients visiting this business.

• Then, there are the group of clients who have simply worked out that it is far more cost effective to utilise their local and reliable coin / tap and go with their credit card laundromat, so that they can reduce their own electricity and water bills at home. Then, there are the students, the share house accommodation renters, the locals who don’t own a dryer and when the weather conditions don’t support washing or drying clothes easily, they are off to their local laundromat to get their bedding, and clothes washed and dried within these two sites, instead.

• Clients who don’t have a large enough dryer or washing machine for the cleaning of their bedding, even curtains rely upon an automatic laundromat for these to be easily tended to by the commercial machines on site.

• There are literally so many types of people within our local community who remain reliant upon the services of their trusty local laundromat, and these two certainly bank their fair share of the local market share. With a longevity that has made these feel as though they are part of the very “fabric of the local region and town”, not only located within busy and bustling areas, offering the convenience of ample parking and easy access for its thousands of users (even being able to park at the door). All in all, this is a service that is regarded as essential for so many, no matter their status or financial standing within the community.

• There remain ample ways that this existing and passive income-based business duo can be grown and even marketed more effectively. Already being referred by local caravan parks and accommodation houses, with this owner not needing to spend money promoting this obviously beneficial operation.

• It is just open for clients to put their money in the machines and away they go... No staff labour costs required, just a vending based operation that puts a smile on your face when you visit these two prime located sites, to collect your “not so hard-earned cash”...

• These businesses don’t require being open 24/7, but this is an option for a new owner, as does plenty of transacting in the absence of this investor, who has other business interests. This only being “side income and investment, a very rewarding one at that!”

• Whether this is your first laundromat, in this case, your first two investments ever owned, or you are already invested in this industry and know just how lucrative and addictive it is to earn so much for doing so little. Here is the first opportunity in more than a decade, with there only being 4 owners in over the last 44+ years of operating!

• Now, due to change for change’s sake and other business investment interests, this owner has made the difficult decision to transfer this dual laundromat package to a new owner, willingly, but it doesn’t make this decision any easier.

• Includes a large number of washing machines and dryers being only 5 years old approx. (having been replaced new). Great for the new owner’s depreciation schedule and reducing tax liabilities, after earning this high income so easily.

This package is unique, as these laundromat locations and income pipelines just keep topping up the owner of these businesses, bank account. Limited costs of operating, what more could anyone want from a business investment? Not much that isn’t already being offered here, with these two laundromat businesses being transferred for the first time in more than a decade! Enjoy the ultimate cashflow and lifestyle benefits of owning this “treasure of a business package”... All being for just $559,700 WIWO Open to all genuine offers

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