Home Based, Staff Managed, Importer, Distributor, Online Supplier Natural Health Products #325

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$1,299,000 + SAV


Home Based, Staff Managed, Importer, Distributor, Online Supplier Natural Health Products #325

This is One of the Nation’s Market Leading, Home Based (Base Anywhere in the Nation), Staff Managed, Direct Importer, National Distributor and Large Online Supplier of One of the Country’s Most Comprehensive Natural Health Product Ranges. This Investment Generates a Considerably High Net Income, Requiring Minimal Owner Input and Provides Multiple Passive Income Streams. Positive Cashflow is Derived from 100% of Transactions Paid Upfront, by its Diversity of Clients. Also Offers a High, Importer Based Gross Profit Margin - More Reward for Any New Investor or Existing Industry Business for Growing this Niche and Dynamic Enterprise. Make More Money Now and in Future, as the Client Demand Continues to Swell Organically for this Type of Unique and Niche Product Range...

• It first needs to be confirmed that this natural health product importer, national distributor and online provider is in fact the largest of its kind within this organically growing and extremely dynamic, “solve modern day and health problems for clients” niche market. Its product brands are so well known and respected within the greater community of clients, both nationally and internationally that sales have continues to swell for years.

• This business enjoys an expansive and diverse client database of more than 27,000 (approx.) clients. Although, very little marketing and active advertising online or otherwise has been done for many years to date – and yet sales and profits have continued to grow. This is due to the fact that this business’s product range is not only backed by science and clinical studies/published papers, confirming the natural health benefits of these products, these products are naturally sought after (pardon the pun), able to provide solution to commonly suffered health issues for those living in today’s ever changing modern world.

• There is so much more that meets the eye when exploring this investment option. As, even though this business offers any new owner the option to reside from the comfort and convenience of a home base, with a fast moving, direct imported and online/web-based product distribution (smaller sized products). This business and its stock storage requires the equivalent of a double lock up garage floor area (approx.). This owner enjoys having the manager and staff manage the day-to-day business. This owner remaining home based and focused primarily on money management/bank account tasks.

• This would present as an opportune “bolt-on” for any existing operation within a strategically aligned product industry.

• When taking on the largest market leading business of its kind in the country, there is a wonderful market positioning being assumed and profited from. The barrier to entry is so high, that after 15 years, no other company has been able to rival this unique player. This commercial strong hold has been underpinned by its many brands stocked and providing the market of clients – now avid followers, with the best quality the world’s suppliers can provide.

• Being one of the longest established and supplying scientifically backed and proven natural health products and being surrounded by an ever increasing market demand for solutions to client’s issues, there is a fast growing consumer awareness and demand (full stop).

• Clients soon become aware of just how supportive these products are and come to understand this fact personally after making their first online product purchase – then they return to buy more. Clients are seeking natural health products that can maintain their health and become free from suffering related problems!

• This large product range is rare among most players (there only being a few, and much smaller than this operation) within this fast growing, national market segment. Which leaves the bulk of the nation’s market share for this business to revel in and continually transact with its admirers…

• This home based and staff managed business is simple to operate. This business is where “science meets the natural health industry” - Wow! Little wonder clients are flocking to buy this type of product range.

• Sales have been inspirational, increasing and reflecting the general uptake and public sentiment of the average man and woman. Clients are actively choosing to seeking out natural alternatives to support them in preventing and reducing the suffering from health related issues.

• Suppliers, some of the largest in the world, most renowned for their quality branded products have assigned to protecting the interests of their largest Australian distributor, with competitors struggling to get supply of the same quality and brands that this business is so proudly able to provide anyone who buys online, calls or emails in their fully paid upfront order/s.

• This business would be the forerunner for this niche health product industry, confidently assuming more and more market share by the week! When you are the largest and most dominant within the country, being so well known and respected for the quality of products within this health space, the natural way for sales and profits to travel - is up!

• Sales success simply breeds more commercial success, thanks to having the products that people of all ages within our greater community are looking for proactively, and just want to purchase happily. These being feel good products.

• Also comes with a high average dollar sale amount, per online and client order. Offering any new owner or existing industry business a profound market position to benefit from immediately. Grow it actively if you wish, but the market of clients is doing it for you anyway, without the big marketing or advertising spend!

• As a new owner/investor, you can choose how many hours to invest, and what you want to do (work on the business etc.) as this endeavour is already staff managed. There being ample options to get behind this well-known business and explore its many latent areas of potential. This current owner has done it “comfortably” for years, without having to interrupt a wonderful home based, lifestyle driven and mainly free time business ownership.

• But, due to family health reasons, it is making this transfer possible now, otherwise it would not be high on this owner’s list of things to do. The benefits are this great… a unique business offering and package indeed.

• Enjoy the market dominant position, financial security, high net income returns and time freedom that so few business owners enjoy, but is being offered to the fortunate investor who emails in fast requesting their own copy of the highly detailed business profile.

• All is easily trained, being such a simple import and national distribution, online business. This owner is available to support any new owner’s transition into this business no matter their prior industry knowledge background or experience.

• Base this from home anywhere in Australia (Aust post/courier access), or even outsource stock storage and product fulfilment to a 3PL or existing company warehouse. Simply come and build on what’s already, well and truly in place. All is working like clockwork, as a passive income generating “profit machine”, already proven highly effective.

Enjoy the unique and dominant players spoils for yourself, and its high return on investment, being for just $1.299 million + SAV ($200K approx.) Open to all genuine offers

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