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Iga Store For Sale

A Well Established Location!

It’s a community IGA Store for Sale and a success story spanning over 30 years of supplying essential products and services to the community. Despite the competition, it remains a cornerstone for locals and a source of constant profits for the owner.

If you’re looking for recession-proof essential products and services, cash on delivery business where the clients keep coming back time and time again serviced by a team and fully qualified support staff, then look no further.

IGA Store for Sale
IGA Store for Sale
Critical Points to Understand:
Low Risk
Proven track record
Growing sales
One-stop grocery and more superstore
30 years of local service and reputation
Consistent and repeatable COD income
A professional and well-trained team
Convenient, accessible location

Powerful business resource and buying centre
It’s a fully backed operation with a proven support network that includes advertising, purchasing, best practice guidelines, staff training, sales training, retail support and much more. So rest assured, you will have the right resources and expertise to run this business successfully.

Trusted Reputation:
It’s an Independent family-owned IGA Store for Sale that supports local producers, suppliers, charities, and the community with good old-fashioned customer service, products. So it’s no wonder why this business has been an essential backbone to locals for over 30 years.

Cash Diversity is all Powerful
The Long-Standing steady and robust 650 daily repeat order clients pay CASH ON DELIVERY. It means that this business is not reliant on any one client, product, or market sector.

That’s why it has continued to enjoy generating predictable Cash Profits for decades simply by maintaining good customer service and consistently delivering significant buying advantages in a friendly family way, unlike its commoditised corporate competitors.

Disruption Proof for 30 Years Strong
There is no point in being the “best-kept secret in town”. You need to get the word out through a marketing system reaching the right buyers at the right time. It’s one of the essential success factors for longevity.

Being part of a national buying group allows you to leverage such a system via weekly catalogues, letterbox drops, radio, TV social media, strategic in-house advertising and more. If you couple it with highly competitive buying from top companies like Coca Cola, Tip Top, and Mars, to name a few, you get to pass on these advantages to your clients to keep them coming back again and again.

In addition, if you boost it with well-trained staff, delivering exceptional customer service, proven systems, and low competition, you get to enjoy profits with longevity and security.

Technical Experience Needed
Staff are fully trained and have cross-trained skillsets to take care of the general day-to-day workload. Senior and more experienced team members take over when the current owner is not present. Meaning they can have time off and holidays.

The current owner performs general business skills, understanding the financials, leading meetings, future planning, new staff hiring, pricing, client database control, and reporting.

The Ownership Transition
The seller will stay on for up to 4 weeks, 4 hours a day, to help the new owner transition into the business, ensure the company is handed over successfully with minimal disruption, and train the new owner on maintaining and improving its performance.

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