Importers, Wholesalers/ Distributors & Online Suppliers Sporting Apparel, Equipment #324

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Importers, Wholesalers/ Distributors & Online Suppliers Sporting Apparel, Equipment #324

This is One of Australia’s Most Sought After and Relied Upon Direct Importers, National Wholesalers/ Distributors & Direct Online Suppliers of a Large Range of Sporting Apparel, Equipment, and Accessories. Includes a High Demand for Custom Branded Items (Higher Profit Margins). This is a “One Stop” Provider of Sports Products, Having a Large Network of Schools, Sporting Clubs, Wholesale Business Clients, Agents and Resellers Spread Across the Nation. Includes the Transfer of Client and Supplier Distribution Contracts - Enforcing a “High Barrier to Entry”. Offers a Massive 85-90% (approx.) Repeat Client Order Rate – Passive and Inbound by Nature. Plus, a Growing Online Based, and a Large Network of National Wholesale/Multi-Outlet Brand Businesses, Corporate Clients, Schools, Sporting Clubs and More. The Business’s Managers, BDM’s, Sales Reps In-House are Proud of the Business’s National Market Share and Positioning – Largely Organically Generated After Decades of Trading!

• Decades long is this business’s tenure, operating within the multi-billion dollar sports product supply industry within the nation. This is a leading supplier, direct importer, national wholesaler/distributor and online seller of an extensive range of high quality, always-required, constantly in-demand, custom branded and general sporting apparel, equipment and related accessories. Includes being the national distributor for a number of the most renowned and world leading sporting products to boot!

• This enterprise is a renowned brand, building itself a “safe and commercially secure” position within the diverse product and client supply segments, within the growing sports product supply industry. This enterprise is simply one of the longest-operating and mature participants within its many product and client segments, nationally.

• Let’s talk about passive pipelines of income...this business has them, and they feed into the bank account simultaneously! These include online and webstore-based sporting product orders being placed directly by consumers (using the websites owned by the business), and it collects these paid upfront, inbound and passive transactions from anyone, located anywhere in the country. This means that this importer, who purchases directly from manufacturers around the world, is receiving a growing volume of sales direct to consumers – being the “holy grail” of being in business, able to claim a more bountiful profit margin! The 2nd pipeline, among many others, is the fact that it has agencies around the country who collect client orders, using their wholesale client networks, and feeds through their orders, on a commission-only basis. Low-cost sales is the outcome...and the detailed profile will delve into all the many other pipelines that this business continues to profit from, reliably.

• This is also a 3PL operation, which could be expanded upon by the new owner (all will be trained and the many managers manage the warehouse, business development and national sales activities), or an existing industry operation could herald this transfer as a “once in a lifetime” option to become the recipient of millions of dollars of sporting industry sales... Plus, the obvious high gross profit and net income advantages are assumed quickly! With its 3PL services provided to contracted clientele, there is potential to expand upon this area of the business, if a new owner or existing industry business has an appetite and is motivated to generate further sales and profit growth.

• This is one heavily relied upon, direct-from manufacturer, importer (majority of stocked items are not sourced from Asia), wholesaler/distributor and direct online supplier of an extremely large range of all things sports! Poised like never before for a new owner or existing industry business to own a product distribution business that is not only unique but has remained highly differentiated and commercially protected for decades. As, it includes the contracted distribution rights for the world’s leading and niche market sporting products. Diverse in not only its product range, suppliers and client market segments it supplies, it also remains dominant and in command of the order fulfillment of a large range of niche market items. These are keenly sought after by the general market of users, including schools, clubs, multi-store brand corporate business clients and other outlet based resellers of this business’s offering.

• Due to this product range, the supply chain and large client base being so diverse, it makes for a lower-risk investment, able to fortify its position as one formidable and large market player. It is easy to shut out “wannabees” in your market when you have this type of internal and contract based arsenal. History has proven it extremely difficult for others to compete with this well-known and trusted brand.

• This is also a “feel good” industry to become involved with, as it supplies the greater Australian community of those who wish to remain active, who have fun and love to exercise, play their beloved sport and want to get healthier and fitter.

• This business stocks one of the largest ranges of the top and leading international sporting brands, including providing its new owner or an existing industry business (strategically aligned to cross and upsell products to this large and loyal clientele, many of whom have remained supplied long term) with the ability to fulfil client orders online or via the wholesale network faster than most competitors, including being able to offer more than what most can and provide the highly responsive and customised servicing and product branding (outsourced offshore). Clients enjoy and are willing to pay more for their very own branded products!

• Clients, a whopping 85-90% (approx.) of them return every sporting season to buy more products, knowing that this business can supply quickly and accurately, as they have done for many years before.

• Let’s talk about the greatest element to any wonderful business investment and that’s its ability to generate ample cashflow. This business takes its high-volume client orders and requires a 30-40% (approx.) deposit, paid upfront by both its new and existing clients. With already high profits per transaction, the majority of the cost of the order being secured before the order begins, safely housed within the bank account.

• This means that these continually receipted deposits and client contracts for supply confirmed, provide a whopping hedge against the typical financial risks of operating as a high volume importer and national wholesale/distributor.

• This business is marked by its very diversity, being contractually protected as it also includes leading niche market products. Posting a high percentage of online sales growth coupled with its extremely high repeat order rate, which most can’t beat, continues the theme of being able to offer any new owner a pronounced “commercial security”.

• This business’s sales funnel includes receiving a flow of inbound school orders which offers one of the greatest growth areas nationally for this business, including expanding upon the already large base of sporting club and association clients, and wholesale business clients, reselling this popular brand’s range within their own businesses, day to day.

• The wholesale business client (B2B) market continues to grow organically, supported by commission-only agencies, a team of managers and sales reps. Clients include major multi-store corporate sports brand outlets operating around the country, (being well-recognised brands in the industry). There is ample option to roll out even more products within the existing reseller market or supply many more stores within these existing networks nationally.

• When distributing high profit margin products, it is no wonder that this business has maintained a refreshingly high gross profit margin and markup across its entire range of thousands of products, for years, If not throughout its many decades.

• Under roof, there is a large warehouse for the storage of this fast-moving product range, with managers and greater team overseeing this operation’s success.

• This is no ordinary import and national distribution / wholesale and direct online supplier of a wide range of apparel, sporting equipment and related accessories. It is just time for this owner to relinquish this investment, as its sales and profits continue to climb.

• Now, the business requires a new owner or company to become the recipient of its multitude of commercial benefits, all weaved together to make this most relied-upon sports product supplier. Supplying a diversity of client segments and sports, who will always need and want to purchase.

• Here’s to profiting smarter, using a model that has already been proven for decades and is now “ripe for the picking”. The owner knows just what can be done with this profitable base to add even more revenue if it lands in the right hands. This transfer opportunity constitutes one of the very best on the market, so, request your own copy of the detailed business profile now!

A market dominance, niche product distribution, high profit margins and take a slice of the sports industry’s profit pie. All this for just $2.49 Million Plus SAV ($1.75 – 1.95 million approx. – fast moving stock) Open to all genuine offers

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