Your Exclusive Gateway: Over 40 Years Of Dominating Success With Low-risk & High-yield Opportunities

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$12,200,000 + SAV


Your Exclusive Gateway: Over 40 Years Of Dominating Success With Low-risk & High-yield Opportunities

Ensuring Stability with Long-Term Supply Agreements and Unrivalled Customer Security for Lasting Reliability...

When assessing a business’s fundamental strength and security there are multiple factors to consider…
Does it have secure supply arrangements? Are there products that are considered essential, and thus demand will be unaffected by external economic conditions? Does it supply into disparate markets, so that even if demand in one sector temporarily dips, there are others where it remains steady? Have most customers traded with it over a long term, demonstrating their loyalty? Are there only a very small number of competitors able to match its offer? And does it have a history of steady growth, demonstrating its resilience?

At best, most businesses on the market offer a few of those attributes. But in the case of this business, the answer to every one of those questions is a resounding “yes”. That makes this an incredibly rare opportunity for someone who values low risk coupled with demonstrable growth potential.

Long-Term Security of Supply:
Establish success through exclusive long-term supply agreements, providing a robust foundation backed by partnerships with Federal, State, and Local entities.

Diverse Clientele Across Many Industries:
Position yourself as a key player in essential sectors, including Office Supplies, Education, and Government Contracts, cultivating partnerships that contribute to a diverse and sustainable client portfolio.

Resilience in Economic Fluctuations:
Thrive amidst economic changes by capitalising on the demand for essential products. With a strategic presence in diverse markets, this business ensures a steady revenue stream impervious to market whims.

Customer Loyalty and Long-Term Relationships:
Experience loyalty and commitment within enduring partnerships. Long-term contracts with customers underscore a robust sense of security.

Limited Competitors, Steady Growth:
Secure unparalleled success in a market with limited competition. Ride the wave of steady growth, showcasing resilience and market dominance.

Gateway to All Industries, Businesses, and Government Utilities:
Access unprecedented opportunities across diverse industries and businesses, establishing this business as secure through all economic conditions.

Current Position:
Witness a compelling story of success with a staggering 18% sales increase, translating to an extra $1 million in the explosive 1st quarter of 2024. This isn't just a business; it's a five-day-a-week cash machine with a phenomenal 85% cash flow in 30 days.

National Business Legacy:
Seize a chance to own a business dripping in success—long-term customer relationships, profits exceeding $3 million, and long-term leases available. Forward orders, fixed supply contracts, and barriers to entry make this a national business legacy, 42 years in the making.

Financial Snapshot:
- Price + Stock: $12,200,000
- Sales P.A: $19,217,559
- Gross Profit %: 42%
- Adjusted Net Profit: $3,638,688
- 30% ROI

Key Features:
- Supplying mandatory / essential products.
- Secure contracts with key suppliers for buyer security.
- Growth driven by increasing population.
- Competitive pricing through secure, exclusive, and advantageous supply agreements.
- Over 40 years of experience with an Australia-wide operation.
- Long term contracts with clients, and various government agreements.
- Diverse revenue streams with no reliance on any one client or small number of clients.
- Run under management, with an owner overseeing operations.

Don't miss this golden opportunity! Contact Pat Keenan-Smith to obtain our comprehensive 100+ page business report on this market leading business and explore your journey to prosperity.

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