163 Businesses sold in 6 years including a chain of 7 salons to cap-off 2021

by 18th of October, 2021
163 Businesses sold in 6 years including a chain of 7 salons to cap-off 2021

John Kasapi from Benchmark Business Brokers has had an exceptional year being awarded AIBB QLD Specialist Business Broker of the year in August 2021 and REIAs Business Broker of the Year in June 2021.

163 businesses in the last 6 years is a testament to John’s style. He prides himself on delivering exceptional customer service in conjunction with excellent negotiation skills and vast industry knowledge. John has consistent focus to ensure he’s meeting the needs of his clients every time.


John had one of his largest sales this year that also happened to be one of his quickest - a chain of 7 salon sites in different major shopping centres across far north Queensland.

The problem of having 7 landlords in 7 different sites meant there would potentially be problems regarding the tenants’ incoming credentials. After overcoming many objections and finding the right solution, John was able to navigate many lease assignments, ensuring that there was enough tenure in each site to secure the funding for such a large purchase.

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John went out of his way to ensure the process ran seamlessly from that point forward. The final outcome ended perfectly for all parties involved and was one of the biggest salon sales commissions in our division’s 15 year history.

“First of all, we were looking at selling our businesses privately but did not have any luck. We then got approached by John to see if we were looking at possibly selling the chain stores we’ve had for many years. We felt very comfortable to list with John and after a few months and a couple of buyers, John was successful in finding a local buyer.

After a tough process of going through many shopping centre lease transfers we finally got our business sold. John came up with numerous solutions in helping the purchaser get approved as a tenant. Now we can relax and have the freedom to travel. Thanks for being a good guy.” - Terry Brown - Seller – Kazza barber shops – June 2021

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