Conducting your business sale remotely vs face-to-face

by Renee Mclean 21st of July, 2021
Conducting your business sale remotely vs face-to-face
Selling a Business Remotely

Bonza Business and Franchise Sales have been successfully selling businesses nationally for many years. From the start, we have utilised virtual connectivity, combined with cloud-based systems to deliver a highly effective business sales process.

This tried and tested, flexible business model, delivers real people, combined with automated systems to always deliver a highly efficient service.

Working remotely, from just a couple of locations, has also meant that Bonza is able to pass on major savings to our clients and not charge the enormous commissions that are commonly seen used by traditional business brokers.

One question that has vanished from people’s minds in the last 12 months is “How can you sell a business if you aren’t local”?  Why is this seemingly no longer a concern for sellers?

If COVID-19 has taught us one thing, it is that to ensure business continuity, you need to be capable of flexibility. In business sales specifically, it has meant having the systems and processes in place to sell businesses with the limited need for face-to-face communication. 

Traditional business brokers and commercial agents alike have needed to quickly adapt to the current situation and find an alternative to face-to-face meetings for the foreseeable future. But what exactly are clients now missing out on by not meeting in person and is it worth paying an expensive commission for? We completely understand there are differences between remote and face-to-face communication, with remote contact in some cases being less emotionally satisfying and fulfilling.

Some clients just like the idea of meeting with the person representing the business sale and shaking their hand.

If for just a moment, we put what makes you feel good aside, it has always been a complete misconception that being local and conducting face-to-face meetings affects the outcome of the sale. As the business owner, your superior knowledge of the business and industry will be leveraged to construct your advertising campaign and how your business is presented to your buyers, whether you have a local broker or not. Once your buyers are filtered and qualified, the serious ones will want to meet with you, usually at the place of business, at some stage, again…whether you have a local broker or not.

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It is your brokers’ job to provide:

  1. Fast service and support,
  2. The ability to present your business information clearly,
  3. To answer questions quickly,
  4. To provide the right information and advice at the right time, and
  5. Experience and energy to keep the buyer on track to buying your business until the job is done.

All of this can easily be done without ever meeting your broker face-to-face and in turn, will usually mean a faster outcome and more money in your pocket at the end of the process.

I don’t know about you, but I would choose my own hard-earned money over a handshake any day.




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