2 Tips for Running a Successful Cafe

by 14th of January, 2016


Take a look around your local town centre, and what are you likely see? Now, more than ever, you're likely to encounter cafes, people drinking coffee, tea or other hot beverages, and snacking on an array of baked goods from their local eatery.

Australians love cafe culture, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that nearly half of the population regularly enjoy coffee, while 38 per cent of people drink tea. Looking at these figures, it's no surprise that many budding entrepreneurs are looking to get into the coffee shop business.

The trick to successful cafe ownership, however, lies in making your business stand out from the crowd. With such a wealth of choice in Australian cities, how can you draw people to your shop rather than any of their other options?

Keep it simple

Examine the menu of your favourite coffee shop or a successfully established cafe in your area. It's possible that a cafe will have some unique or signature options on their menu, however these will usually play second fiddle to the classics.

For every half-caff trim soy iced mocha cappuccino you sell, you'll probably sell at least a dozen regular long blacks or flat whites, so make sure you get the essentials right before you begin to expand into more elaborate options. The same goes for food – if you're planning on serving brunch, it pays to focus on the perfect bacon and eggs first and then allow your cooking staff to get creative.

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Be consistent

As a substance that many people consume every day, often on a fairly regular schedule, one of the most important aspects of coffee should be consistency. There are perhaps no other beverages that people factor into their daily routine, so most people don't want to be surprised by their coffee, they just want that same enjoyment, day in, day out. 

Consistency can mean securing a dependable supply of coffee beans, always using the same or even keeping your shop's decor familiar and inviting. 

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