8 Businesses for Sale in Sydney Under $100,000

by Vanessa Lovie 1st of May, 2024
8 Businesses for Sale in Sydney Under $100,000
6 Businesses For Sale in Sydney under $100,000

Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia, so is it actually possible to buy a business under $100,000 that is profitable?

The average wage in Sydney is currently $92,844 so the idea of purchasing a business for only $100,000 will put you well under this city average for income. So the decision on whether to buy a business under $100,000 will depend on your circumstances and what you want to achieve. 

A $100,000 business can be well suited to someone who wants:

  • A part-time level income for Sydney standards
  • To grow the business and potentially increase profits
  • To add onto their current business setup
  • Prefers flexibility over income

Whether a $100,000 business in Sydney is suited to you will depend on what you want to achieve. There thousands of  businesses for sale in Sydney choosing what is right for you is the next step. 

Do You Actually Need $100,000?

A business that is $100,000 is most likely to be an owner-operator style business and you are basically buying yourself a job. This type of purchase generally will require you to front the entire costs of the business, though you can look at other options to cover any shortfalls, like:

  • Vendor Finance: Ask the seller if they are willing to engage in a buy-out period where you can repay them as you take over the business.
  • Traditional Loans: You can look at loans from major lenders and other financial institutions.
  • Equipment Loans: Depending on what type of business you are buying, you could get loans for the equipment.

Will You Actually Make Enough Money to Live?

Sydney is a very expensive city with house prices over $1 million. A business that is selling for under $100,000 will be lucky to earn you $60,000 a year—so for Sydney, this probably isn't enough to survive. But it depends on your circumstances and the reasons for buying the business. You could be expanding your current business, looking at a part-time income, or see growth potential to take that $100,000 business and increase its profitability.

What Are the Current Types of Opportunities Available in Sydney?

A lot of the opportunities will be franchises for sale in Sydney, online ecommerce stores or owner-operator type businesses that basically require you to work to earn money, such as a cleaner.

8 Businesses Currently for Sale Under $100k in Sydney


catering business for sale sydney

1. Highly Reputed Catering Business for Sale

  • Price: $70,000
  • Location: Alexandria, NSW
  • Details: Renowned catering business specializing in crafting high-quality food for events.
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2. Growing Cafe – Eastern Suburbs – Opportunity Knocks

  • Price: $49,000

  • Location: Sydney, NSW
  • Details: Beautifully presented café with a turnover of $6,500 per week and a profit of $700 per week.
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3. Established Shopify Store Vegan Bake Mixes

  • Price: $50,000
  • Location: Rozelle, NSW
  • Details: 9-year-old Shopify store selling vegan and gluten-free bake mixes. Easily made profitable again by the right person.
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4. Unique Online Celebration Products Business

  • Price: $50,000
  • Location: Sydney, NSW
  • Details: Thriving e-commerce business specializing in unique celebration products. Operates efficiently from a home office.
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5. Beauty Business for Sale in Bondi Junction

  • Price: $75,000
  • Location: Bondi Junction, NSW
  • Details: Well-established beauty salon located in the heart of Bondi Junction.
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6. Specialty Cake Business - Profitable eCommerce Opportunity

  • Price: $89,000
  • Location: Sydney, NSW
  • Details: Profitable e-commerce business specializing in custom-made cakes.
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7. Mobile Tyre Shop Franchises Now Expanding Back into Liverpool

  • Price: $91,500
  • Location: Liverpool, NSW
  • Details: Mobile tyre shop franchise with a proven model thriving in various locations.
  • View Details

8. Online Home Decor Store

  • Price: $3,000
  • Location: Sydney, NSW
  • Details: New home decor online store for sale, based on WordPress. Created for home decor but can be tailored for any other business.
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