Absolutely Smashing 2022 Awards

by Caitlin Mary 7th of November, 2022
Absolutely Smashing 2022 Awards
Absolutely Smashing 2022 Awards

Tina Tzanopoulos and Elle Likopoulos from Absolute Business Brokers are ending 2022 on a high with an impressive accumulated 10 award nominations to their names. From Woman of the Year to Business Excellence Finalist, we would like to take a moment to celebrate women in business. 

It is not the first time Elle Likopoulos, director of Absolute Business Broker, has had her hard work and success acknowledged, having received multiple awards and accolades previously, including being awarded the AusMumpreneur for 2020, an award that she is a finalist for again this year. 

Tina can’t speak highly enough of the support Elle has provided.

“To be completely honest, as not only our director but also my mentor and a friend, Elle has been an inspiration to me over the years as she has given me the confidence and support to grow professionally by opening doors for me that I would not have had the opportunity to pursue otherwise,” Tina said. 

“As a working mum of 4 herself, the support she has given not only to myself but to all of her staff in the office (we are a female-run team) has led to the most incredible work environment where we have never been in a position that has involved us needing to make a choice over family or work. This has led to incredible team morale, we love coming to work!” Tina said. 


Tina herself has been nominated for an impressive four 2022 Roar Awards:

  • Business Rebel of the Year Finalist
  • Business Growth Finalist
  • Business Excellence Finalist
  • Best Eco/Sustainable Business Finalist

“I am honestly blown away. Receiving not 1 but 4 nominations in my first full year as a Business Broker post-COVID was an extremely overwhelming feeling that I was also really proud of. After working alongside some of the best in the industry, I was given the opportunity to step out on my own this year. Being acknowledged and recognised for my hard work and dedication was extremely empowering. It represented the support I received from my colleagues in providing me with opportunities that accelerated my career growth.” Tina said.

A ‘Business Rebel’ is the game changer in their industry, somebody who bucks the trend and creates their niche. Tina was nominated for this award as a representative of Absolute Business Brokers for her work as an individual in supporting the company to make waves in the industry overall and “continuing to break down the barriers and walls put in place by generations before us.”

Tina - Absolute Business Broker Winning Awards
Tina Tzanopoulos - Absolute Business Brokers

“As a company, Absolute Business Brokers is shattering the glass ceiling by providing women and mothers with a supportive and welcoming environment to create their own rules, be their own bosses and take control of their futures.”

 “We are the only company in our industry that has broken this barrier and become a ‘Rebel’ in the industry-leading a team of women with women in senior positions! We are extremely proud of our team and the culture we have created and to be a part of the team that created that is an incredible feeling.”

Continual professional development is at the core of the Absolute Business Brokers ethos. Elle continues to encourage her team to grow. 

“Despite all the hurdles faced over the last 2 years I have completed several qualifications and under the guidance and mentorship of our director (Elle). I have worked my way from a casual admin role to being one of the leading sales agents in the company. My contribution and feedback are always respected and acknowledged and the appreciation and support I have received from the team have led me to become the best version of myself professionally.” Tina said.

With glowing comments like this, it’s no wonder Elle was nominated for awards both for her individual success and achievements as a broker and businesswoman, but also for her work as a company leader.

Elle has been nominated for 6 awards in 2022:

  • 2022 Roar Awards - Woman of the Year Finalist. 
  • 2022 Stevie Awards - Best Female Entrepreneur Finalist Business Services 
  • 2022 Australian Women Small Business Champion Influential Women Finalist
  • 2022 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion - Champion Woman Icon
  • 2022 Ausmumpreneur Awards - Ausmumpreneur of the Year Finalist 
  • 2022 Australian Small Business Champion - Best Company Finalist


On her impressive nominations, Elle said that it’s always a great honour and shock to be recognised by her peers.

“Everything I do is because of my love and passion for helping people succeed in small business and empowering women in small business, I don’t ever do it for the accolades but of course, it’s always very humbling and special for others to notice my work and acknowledge it.”

“I’m very proud and humbled by all of my achievements but I’d say the one that blew me away the most was the Roar “Woman of the Year” award. It’s just such a huge title and one that still takes me by surprise that I’ve come this far doing what I love.”

Being recognised for her hard work as a woman in business, Elle said that it’s “very special and important” and something that she and everybody at Absolute Business Brokers take seriously.

Elle - Absolute Business Brokers
Elle Likopoulos - Director Absolute Business Brokers

“There’s an element of flattery and a sense of achievement but most importantly, it gives me a platform to show other women what can be achieved. As a woman in a heavily male-dominated industry, I struggled with gender stereotypes and not being taken seriously. My mission has been to make the path to the top easier for other women to follow. These awards and recognitions just assist in making a dream of equality a reality for other women.” Elle said.

Nominated not only for her individual accomplishments but also for two small business awards and one best company award, Elle believes that passion and determination is the key to her success.

“I think my determination is very dominant and people can feel and see it.”

“If you do something you love, I really do believe you’ll do it well. I think there are a number of reasons that led to these nominations and it wasn’t an overnight success. I’ve worked long hours and made a lot of sacrifices to get to where I am and it’s taken a lot of tears and many years to get here. I think what stands out though is how I run my business and how I actively support women and mothers to work in a small business. I practise what I preach and I think that’s what really stands out.”

Elle Aboslute Business Brokers
Director, business broker and mother of 4 - Elle Likopoulos

As a mother of four and business owner, Elle embraces the opportunity to support awards. The message it sends to other women, fellow business owners and her children, is the reason she gets involved. 

“AusMumpreneur has always been one of my favourite awards and I’m blessed to be an Ambassador as an Alumni AusMumpreneur of the Year and multi-award winner across other categories. Peace and Katy have created a wonderful community within the AusMumpreneur awards, it really does open doors of opportunity for mothers in business to grow and seek support. Leadership and business for women and mothers can be very isolating, having a community like AusMumpreneur makes you feel supported and that’s vital for business growth and self-development.” 

“Juggling children and business isn’t easy. It’s not glamorous at all and most times the juggling is more like dropping balls everywhere and fumbling to collect them! As a mother, you want to give the best to your kids and be a role model for them.”

“Winning awards like AusMumpreneur just gives you that reassurance that the sleepless nights writing emails when the kids are asleep and everything we do is recognized.” Elle said.

The business broking industry is still an incredibly male-dominated space so it is important to celebrate the women in business that are absolutely smashing goals and finding success in their own rights.

“In such a heavily male-dominated industry to be recognised and acknowledged is a great feeling. Success can mean something different for so many people and as women, we bear a lot of weight regarding the work-life balance and the responsibilities of home, children and family.” shared Tina. 

“The industry has been dominated by an older generation of men for a very long time which has created a barrier preventing women from entering the industry. The stereotype that men are better salesmen, harder workers and have more experience has made the journey into Business Broking an interesting one.” Tina said.

It’s one thing to make it to the top yourself and break through that glass ceiling as a professional businesswoman but also as a business owner and boss, it’s clear that Elle is also sending the elevator back down for other women. 

“I was very lucky to be a part of a female-dominated team that had already begun to break down the barrier and provide me with endless support with my transition into the role. The male staff working in our office provided knowledge and mentorship instead of intimidation and I am very proud to work with such an inclusive team.” 


Building a business that encourages growth has seen Absolute Business Brokers create an incredibly successful team. 

“I have been very lucky to be in a position where my employer supports me in my professional development by giving me the opportunity to have the best of both worlds. I have never had to make the choice of putting work before family as hard work and success are no longer dictated by the standard 9 - 5 pm daily grind but by the quality of work we can present and the ability to gain respect from our peers.” Tina said.


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Absolute Business Brokers feel it is important to highlight the success and achievements of women in business and it is something they as a company are committed to. 

“Having a daughter of my own has pushed me to continue to break the glass ceiling and show her and future generations we are capable of having careers and families and by supporting women's achievements we can encourage more women to step into roles of leadership. Highlighting the success and achievements of women in business doesn't start in the workforce but instead at home when we teach our children to respect regardless of gender. This is what will lead to generational change and gender equality.” Tina said.

“We have come a long way in terms of women’s rights and equality but we still have a long way to go. It’s important to keep pushing that glass ceiling, keep pushing to be taken seriously and seen for our strengths. By highlighting the success of women and what they’ve achieved, we are creating role models for others to follow and most importantly for our future generations to see.” Elle said.

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