A Quick Wrap-Up of the 2022 AIBB Conference 

by Vanessa Lovie 23rd of August, 2022
A Quick Wrap-Up of the 2022 AIBB Conference 
Ian Jones, Catherine Mangana, Andrew Morris - AIBB 2022 Conference

This year’s Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB) Conference was held in Sydney at the Novotel in Brighton Le Sands on 18th, 19th, and 20th August 2022. Jam-packed with 3 days of activities it was an exciting event for business brokers! This year's conference was the largest in the year's conference was the largest in the AIBB history and the first in over three years with 120+ business brokers in attendance. 

Joining the 3-day event were new business brokers who have recently joined the AIBB to experienced licensees who operate some of Australia’s leading business broker agencies. Supported by AIBB partners, it was an industry-specific event, that was well worth the attendance. 


Day One - RBV Course & AGM

The focus of day one was on the Registered Business Valuers (RBV) course, which provided training over 6 hours that enabled a business broker to receive accreditation as a business valuer. The AIBB offers the only course designed to achieve best practices when valuing Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Australia, this was a key training program that was attended by many business brokers. 

The AIBB held their AGM, which saw a number of members attend and cast their votes for a number of positions including the new President and Chair, Andrew Morris. Stay tuned for the Bsale Magazine where we will speak with Mr Morris about his appointment and the future plans for the AIBB. 

Washing down the first day of training brokers were met by key sponsors of the AIBB including Bsale, WinQuote, AnyBusiness, ARO Software, Aspect Legal, De Jong Read, AB Phillips and Slattery Auctions to enjoy some welcome drinks and canapes. 

It was apparent at this event the excitement of business brokers being able to meet again in person. The previous three conferences were held online due to Covid so it was a welcomed event by many. The business broking industry is small compared to others such as Real Estate, but it is a close-knit community that likes to stay connected with the majority of business brokers in Australia being former business owners, accountants or coaches. 


Catherine Jones - AIBB Business Broker of the Year

Catherine Jones - WA and National Business Broker of the Year


Day Two - Workshops, Panels, Awards & Gala Dinner


Friday was a full day starting off early at 8am, with panels, workshops and training sessions. Television and radio host James O’Loghlin was a keynote speaker and held a workshop on innovation and driving change.

A key focus of this conference was ways to innovate now and into the future. A number of business brokers and guest speakers were heard, along with Craig Latham, Deputy Ombudsman for Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise.

A number of AIBB partners spoke on a panel about how their businesses are innovating and ways business brokers can work with them in the future. A crucial part of business sales is the team surrounding the business owner, this includes solicitors, accountants, coaches, finance, advisory services and marketing systems. Working together with respected industry leaders is a core part of the business broking industry. 

New members were welcomed and the AIBB Awards were announced. We will have a full list and more details for you in the coming days as we speak with the business brokers. 

The Gala Dinner was a joyous event for business brokers to let their hair down, socialise and build network connections that can benefit their clients and the industry. 

Day Three - Innovators Tool Box & Digital World


A workshop by Kevin Lovewell was presented on the innovator's toolbox and how to implement it. This is an important information session for business brokers keen to move forward with technology and changes. 

Numerous panels were also presented on how to price correctly, all things covid, case studies and traps of the digital world. 

All in all, it was a wonderful conference put on by the team at the AIBB. Business Brokers got the opportunity to meet industry colleagues, AIBB members, AIBB partners and participate in a number of training sessions. 

We will be bringing you more in-depth information from the AIBB Conference in the coming days and in the next edition of the Bsale Magazine. If you are interested in becoming a business broker or joining the AIBB more information can be found here.

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