Bsale Turns 21 and Launches a New Look Website

by 28th of March, 2021
Bsale Turns 21 and Launches a New Look Website
Bsale Turns 21

Bsale was the result of frustration. In 2000, Central Coast resident Kaye Lovie was searching in vain for a suitable business to buy, and was disheartened by the lack of opportunities presented in newspaper classifieds. 

As dial-up internet became more prevalent, the idea to create an online marketplace to aid both those who wish to sell a business and those looking to buy was born. 

21 years later, is still a family-owned business, although rapid expansion means, these days, not everyone in the bsale family answers by the surname of ‘Lovie’.

“I think what sets Bsale apart from its competitors is we have always been a family-owned business. We understand this dynamic and business owners very well,” reasons Vanessa. 

“We carry this same concept of ‘consider it family’ with our current team and clients. It’s a core value that we stand by and want our clients to know we care about their business and what happens.”

It’s a personalised model that stands at odds with other online classifieds websites.

More than just a fresh coat of paint, this complete refresh sees the website now boast a number of new user options, including a revolutionary ‘find a business broker’ system, which will help ease uncertain buyers and sellers into the often complicated waters of business transactions.

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“We want to provide as much support and resources as we can to business owners,” Lovie continues. “It's an exciting time when you're thinking about buying or selling a business. We want owners to be prepared.” 

The new website certainly delivers this, making it easy for buyers to save listings, register for alerts, and stay up-to-date with what opportunities abound in the business-for-sale industry. They can contact a seller or broker directly through the bsale platform, too, removing the barriers that impede a lot of potential business deals in the online space.

“Digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving,” Vanessa concludes. 


“But, I think at the core of any business is the connection. Especially in this industry, the seller and buyer need to have that personal connection and be confident in the sale process for the transaction to be a success and the new owners to settle into the business”

“We want Bsale to be the place buyers come to find opportunities and sellers can receive enquiries to pinpoint an ideal person to take over their business and clients.”

21 years as an online advertising platform is a testament to this family's passion to their clients, business owners and the industry as whole.

"We are so excited for April 01, 2021 when our new site launches. Our team has worked tirelessly to bring it all together and we just cant wait to show it off!" Vanessa. 



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