Fancy a Regional Change?

by Caitlin Mary 1st of October, 2021
Fancy a Regional Change?

It’s not often that a business for sale can describe itself as ‘one of a kind’, and truly be one of its kind, but that’s what the Toowoomba Fancy Dress Shop is. 

Toowoomba is one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia and is one of the largest inland cities in Queensland, serviced with a new airport and only an hour and a half drive from Brisbane.

“This location where I’ve been for 9 years is the best location, off-street parking and the main highway out your door and I’ve just found out the only other opposition in Toowoomba for costuming, no longer rents costumes making this location even better. ” Current owner Kerrie said.

“The only costume rental shop of its kind in Toowoomba and the greater south-east, encompassing northern New South Wales and north of Toowoomba and to the west of Toowoomba.”

It’s not all costume renting though, there are also plenty of products for sale too like costumes, wigs and weaponry.

Due to covid, many people are choosing to leave the big cities, and buying a business is a way to essentially ‘buy yourself a job’ which makes moving to the regions a very attractive opportunity for many.

Toowoomba Fancy Dress Shop

“Toowoomba is not a [small] country town. It has over 30 schools, both public and private, and boarding schools in the region which services the Darling Downs Region and further,” and as Kerrie said, with the median house price increasing, now is a good time to make the move if you have been thinking about it.

Due to the nature of this business, the buyer does need to be knowledgeable in theatre, movies and current trends. As Kerrie said, “somebody with theatrical experience, is probably the way to go.”. 

A lot of business comes from all of the schools in the area, with high participation in primary and secondary school theatre productions. 

“I’m coming into the busiest time of year for me which is children’s book week,” Kerrie said.

“There is a creative talent needed for this business, to be able to interpret what a customer requires because that is what happens, people come in and have no idea what they want. If somebody comes in and said ‘I want a vintage dress’ well okay, how many hundreds of years do you want to go back?”

Right now the business is operating with one and a half staff for the busy times but could be operated with one person. Ongoing assistance is available to the new buyer as Kerrie feels very strongly that this business plays an important role in the community.

“They don't need it every day, they don't need it every week, but they do need it.”.

Perfect for a creative buyer looking to make the move to a beautiful regional city that is only on the up and up, this business truly is a one-of-a-kind business and would be an amazing opportunity for the right buyer. 

To view this exciting business opportunity and dress shop click here.

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