Give your Business some Love this Valentines Day

by 12th of February, 2018


Valentine Day is when roses, hearts and love come to mind.

People come together to celebrate their love and engage in purchasing the ideal gifts for their partners. Like the Ashton Kutcher movie, we see alot of last minute rushes to purchase flowers and gifts. In 2017, a survey found that couples who married in the last 5 years would spend an astonishing $253 million on Valentines Day. That’s $315 per person on gifts for their spouses – and that’s just the newlyweds they surveyed!

Businesses need to be ready if they want to cash in on this next festivity. Giving your business some love is the best way to do this! Retailers need to consider gift packs. Making the options easy for partners will be a big part of this occasion. A gift pack that showcases… love, happiness, thoughtfulness… will make the decision process easier for your customers. 

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Its not only the retailers that need to prepare for Valentines Day. Going to a restaurant is the most common activity for couples on this day. Restaurants should be considering a special Valentines Day set menu. Offering your customers something unique such as a 5 course degustation menu, or live entertainment will entice them to come and spend valentines day with you.

Run a café? Consider a special high tea for couples who prefer a daytime activity. Accommodation businesses’ could work with other local businesses to create a package deal including a dinner or gifts in the room. Takeaway businesses could offer a sweet treat to their orders, clients love to feel extra special on this day.  

With love in the air, let the red hearts flow in your business. Make your customers feel loved and welcome. Think in terms of your clients and their needs, how you can create some more love in your business.

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