Love is in the Air

Vanessa Lovie


Is your business ready for Valentines Day?

Last year Aussies spent a whopping $23 million on Valentine’s Day, according to Commonwealth banks spending data.


Valentine's Day 2018, saw us spend:

$13.6 million on dinner

$7 million on drinks

$3.2 million on flowers


In fact, florists alone experienced a 500% increase in sales on Valentine’s Day compared with an average Tuesday that month.


The most romantic group appears to be those aged 26-35, who accounted for 38% of all florist spend and 36% of all restaurant spend.


Men spend more than women, buying up 83% of all flowers and paying for 70% of all restaurant bills.


How can you increase your sales?


Share the love! Businesses in retail or hospitality have a unique opportunity to benefit from this day of love.


Restaurants and Cafes can consider dining experiences such as high tea, themed dinners, performers, set menu and more. Retail stores can harness the hearts with a red theme and romantic gifts and products.


Florists should consider expanding their offerings, how about offering a flower bouquet with a candle? Or flowers with handmade chocolates from a local supplier. Packing your offerings can help push up your sales.


Ensure your retail store or hospitality venue is generating a romantic atmosphere. Consider fresh flowers, romantic music, low lighting, and happy friendly service. The experience a client feels is very important.


This day isn’t just for retail and hospitality. Its a day of love and gift giving. If you run a service business such as beauty salon, horse riding, hot air balloons or bike hire. Consider a package deal for couples, and be sure to go that little extra mile such as including picnic hampers or unique locations.


Best wishes to your business,


Happy Valentines Day to Everyone!

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