How These 6 Business Owners Adapted to the Change

by Vanessa Lovie 20th of April, 2020
How These 6 Business Owners Adapted to the Change

Adapting to change is one of the key traits to any business owners success. With the unpredictable changes to our environment due to COVID-19 many business owners have had to think on their feet and react quickly.

Whilst many businesses have 'entered hibernation' there are those who are continuing to offer their clients support and advice from afar. Offering online services has been a prime way for businesses to continue to connect with their clients. We spoke to 6 business owners on how they have adapted to the changes.  


"We have been running free online fitness series"

Sam Davison from Barangaroo Physio

We have been running a free online fitness series to our community, with everything from strength & stability sessions, a free virtual run club, as well as nutrition tips and soulful yoga sessions, all led by expert health professionals. We are a Physiotherapy clinic looking to promote movement, physical activity and a social connection to those working from home. We recognize the importance of exercise for mental health and given the circumstances feel it's important for us to give back our knowledge on the importance of movement and injury prevention during this time. IG: @barangarooclinic



"Im providing providing a free phone/video consult service"

Dr Joanna Teh from Dermedica Cosmetic Medical Clinic

I’m a cosmetic physician for over 20 years. For a majority of my patients their cosmetic treatments plays an essential role in their overall well being just like going to the gym. It helps with their self esteem & confidence. I feel it is my duty to support my patients during this stressful times by providing a free phone/video consult service. Even if it’s educating them about delaying their cosmetic treatments, importance of social distancing and to stay at home to minimise community spread of COVID and stay at home skincare regime to support their overall well being and mental health... or simply having a chat and offering them some hope. Often some words of encouragement from a doctor that they know and trust for years to educate them to do the right thing ie social distancing and only go out for essential services, hand hygiene etc. I’ve had great feedbacks so far as it also helps to relief some of my patients feeling isolated. I have many loyal clients that have stuck by me for more than 15 years. This is the least I could do for my patients while we are all staying at home to support one another for the health of the whole nation. 



"I Started a Facebook group to discuss well-being issues"

Sue Lester from

People are at more risk of mental health/well-being issues during physical/social isolation than COVID-19. I'm a mindset coach so I thought the best way I could help more people was to start "Staying Sane In Crazy Times", a facebook group where I could share tips and techniques in posts and lives, discuss well-being issues, add a few laughs and provide a sanctuary from the news and false information.

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"I created the Virtual Care Basket"

Ayesha Hilton from Virtual Care Basket

In early March, I saw that people were going to feel stressed in isolation, so I created the Virtual Care Basket where people could download various resources for free. I sourced these resources from people in my network. This then evolved into a series of free Live Virtual Events to help support people during the Covid19 experience. We have had guests on talking about a variety of topics including astrology, sustainability, growth mindset, creating balance, essential oils and much more. The Virtual Care Basket is available to anyone, free of charge. I really wanted to support people during this time as I am concerned about people's mental health and the need for connection and community right now.


"We created a 19 day Online Conference"

Julie Steel from

We have just concluded a 19-day online conference for free. Called the VID19 Conference it was established over 3 days in the middle of March and included over 170 live speakers that people looking for help adjusting to this COVID19 world could access. Created and hosted from Julia's lounge room in Fitzroy North, over 15,000 participants took part from over 30 countries. Topics including leadership, working from home, parenting, mental health, wellbeing and more!


"We are offering  six months free for aged care facilities so residents can stay in touch with families."

Darren Saffin from DGtek

Australian owned super fast fibre optic broadband provider DGtek and its retailers are lending support by offering to new customers free connection and three months free internet to all families, with no lock-in contract or ongoing commitment so they can work from home and home school their children with no hassles. The company will also offer six months free for aged care facilities so residents can stay in touch with families. This offer will be available to homes and businesses within the serviced areas of Melbourne CBD and South-East suburbs. 

As the months go by we will start to discover the ongoing effects of the pandemic. Australian business owners are very resilient and have the ability to change as the situation requires. As the government support starts to roll-out and businesses receive their JobKeeper and Cashflow boosts, it will have a positive impact on businesses ability to survive. Focusing on the next 6 months is key for all businesses, monitoring your cashflow, perhaps finding alternate sources of income and ensuring your business is ready to bounce back when the time is right. 

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