How to List a Business For Sale

by 20th of March, 2013

Now that you have decided to sell a business your probably wondering how to list the business for sale. This article will outline how to list a business as a private seller or going with a business broker. Listing a business is basically putting it on the market for sale, so that the general public and intersted buyers can see the business is for sale. You do have the option to keep it confidential such as "classy cafe for sale" but essentially enquiries will filter back to the business owner or broker. 


Listing a Business For Sale:

Private Seller

When you have decided to sell your business there are a number of websites you can list your business for sale on. These include smaller effective websites such as Bsale and also the larger websites such as Domain Business and Seek Commercial. Listing your business for sale is basically setting up the advertising and making your business sale visible to the general public. It allows potential buyers to search these websites and locate your business. They can then contact you about the business and discuss the options to purchase. You should also list the business for sale in local newspapers or magazines, as most buyers tend to come from within the area.

Google "business for sale" and make sure the websites you are advertising on appear page #1 as these sites would generate the most traffic of business buyers.

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Business Broker

Listing your business with a broker is similar to listing with a Real Estate Agent. All business brokers must be qualified and registered with the department of Fair Trading. When you decide to sell your business with a broker  you will generally sign an exclusive agency agreement that you will work with that brokerage to sell your business for a certain amount of time. They will advertise your business, qualify interested buyers and bring them to the table to perform negotiations and enter into the legal agreement of a sale. Business Brokers will tend to advertise on the top business for sale websites as well as other mediums such as local newspapers and magazines. 

So depending whether you choose to list a business privately or with a business broker, listing your business for sale should be done by considering the options you have available. Both as a private seller or going with a business broker you should make sure the business sale is seen on top ranking websites and in prominant local publications... 

We hope this helps you in deciding how to list your business for sale. 

Have you recently listed your business for sale? how did you advertise the business and make it seen by the public?

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