Hybrid Caravans That Sell Themselves

by Susan Woodland 12th of March, 2024
Hybrid Caravans That Sell Themselves
Hybrid Caravans That Sell Themselves

In 2006, a couple of Sydney tradies started a camper trailer business. The outdoor industry was booming, and they saw an opportunity to utilise their building and plumbing skills in the adventure market.

“In the beginning, our products were pretty rudimentary. We put primitive tents on Australian-made box trailers. But over the years our business has evolved and today we are offering high-quality off road hybrid caravans that we manufacture offshore.” business owner

“These days a lot of caravan companies are manufacturing offshore. Even some of the iconic Australian brands have models that are fully imported.”

“When we started the business in the early 2000s, camping shows were our main sales channel. Around 80 percent of sales came through the shows and 20 percent direct. Now it’s the opposite way around. We still attend some shows to maintain brand awareness, but the ROI isn’t there.”

“Our customers do their research online and then visit our showroom or our dealerships. During COVID when many consumers were turning away from bricks and mortar shopping, our showroom was busier than ever, and it has remained that way.”

“We are not high-pressure sales guys, and our customers are not hagglers. We show them the models, tell them the price, and they accept the quote and place their order. We have good designs and brand reputation. Most of our customers know what they want, they may have friends who’ve recommended our hybrids, or they’ve seen them on the road. I would say we sell to a slightly older, wiser demographic.” 

“It would be more difficult to get into the market now with new regulations and the changing sales landscape. You could burn a lot of money launching a business. Fortunately, we have good brand awareness, and we are well established in the market.”

“I wouldn’t be selling the business if it wasn’t for some health issues that I have to deal with. It is a really enjoyable industry to be part of. Customers come to you in a happy mode. They are buying a ‘toy’ or something to have fun with.”

“People can confidently go off-roading in our hybrids. I don’t know how many of our customers actually go off road, but that’s what people are looking for these days. They have a bucket list that includes exploring the great outdoors, but they want to have a level of comfort too.”

“We haven’t extended the business as much as we might have. A new owner could keep it the way it is, or they could find more dealerships. The brand, the models, and the supplier relationships are ripe for expansion.”

“Our workshop and showroom are in Western Sydney, but the business is relocatable. This could be advantageous if the new owner already has a similar or complementary business.”

“Although the business was started by a disgruntled builder and plumber, the product crosses over many fields. The business would be suited to an electrician, mechanic, panel beater, indeed anyone who’s mechanically minded. Or the new owner might want to be more hands-off. You don’t need to be into camping either, but you do need to understand what it’s all about.”

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