Know When It’s Time to Break Up with Your Business

by Elle Likopoulos 12th of September, 2022
Know When It’s Time to Break Up with Your Business
Know When It’s Time to Break Up with Your Business

We all know the saying “your business is like your baby” and it a lot of ways it really does take you on a similar journey of growth and discovery like parenthood would.

You spend all your time and energy devoted into creating your business and then carefully nurture and protect it as it grows into its different stages of development.

When you become a parent, we talk about seeing the world differently through your child’s eyes, the same thing happens in business as you start to explore relationships and the world from a newly found business perspective. The reality is however, that a business is really not like a child but more like that selfish, toxic ex-boyfriend you dated in high school. It’s a one-sided relationship that you can’t really see for what it is because you are infatuated.

No matter how much time and energy you put into your business, there is always room for more to give. The moment you stop giving it all your time and love, it will eventually feel neglected and betray you. It’s not a forever, unconditional kind of love or relationship. Just like that ex that was cute and funny but deep down you knew he wasn’t “The One”, you need to set limits and boundaries to avoid getting hurt whilst you’re having fun. If the time comes where your business is no longer fulfilling you or giving you what you want, don’t feel obligated to stay if you try to fix it but it’s just not working out. 

The most successful business people in the world have had many failures in business, in fact most of them have had more failed businesses then successful. It is not a reflection of your worth or abilities if your business comes to a point where it no longer fulfils you or gives you what you need.

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Just like a breakup, it can hurt at first but you will soon meet someone new that makes you totally forget about your heartache from “what’s his name?”.

A business broker I can’t tell you how many business owners are in total denial of the state and reality of their business. You shouldn’t have to make excuses for your business as to why it’s not treating you right.

Sometimes certain relationships are good for that moment but not a forever thing and when the time is up, you need to call it and move on.

The more business owners have tried to force or fight this phenomenon, the more money and people around them they end up ultimately losing. Love your business, love the journey but above all love yourself!

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