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by 10th of May, 2014

The information memorandum you send to potential buyers of your business must hit the right buttons. If it doesn’t they will quickly lose interest and walk away.

To capture buyer attention the information has to be a unique blend of no-nonsense information, sound presentation and a focus on pertinent facts that are important to buyers. The biggest buyer switch off is a hard sell profile or one containing an endless stream of boring, irrelevant details.

So, can you write your information memorandum yourself or perhaps get a hot shot copywriter to do it for you? Possibly you can. However, getting the balance of a business profile right takes years of hands-on experience in testing various approaches in the real world of business sales. This experience in getting the right message across is the main reason why many business brokers use professional writers to produce their client profiles. They are only too aware of how a well targeted business profile can help maximise their chances of achieving a successful sale.

Why is it so important to have a professionally written business profile? The following are some of the reasons.

SAVE TIME AND EFFORT: Writing your own profile can be frustrating and time consuming. Unless you know how to do it right, you will either put if off week after week or hurriedly throw something together that will reflect badly on your sales effort.
TELL BUYERS WHAT THE WANT TO KNOW: Very few business brokers, copy writers or journalists possess the combination of hands-on business sales experience and writing skills required to produce effective business sales profiles that tell buyers what they need to know in a language they understand.
STAY IN CONTROL OF THE SALES PROCESS: You will retain ownership of your professionally written profile giving you the freedom to decide whether to market the business yourself or appoint a broker of your choice.
GIVE YOUR BUSINESS THE BEST POSSIBLE CHANCE OF SELLING: You will know that the profile used to sell your business gives you the best possible chance of capturing serious buyer interest because it is focused on giving buyers reasons why they should buy your business.

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If you choose Peter Marinovich to write your information profile you will benefit from the experience of a two man team that has more than a dozen years of experience in the business sales area, having compiled more than 100 profiles for businesses in areas as diverse as retail, wholesale, services, manufacturing, mining supply, printing, plating, entertainment, fitness equipment, pumps, media, transport and the animal feed industry. 

When it comes to business profiles there is no ‘one size fits all’. We will produce a profile that suits your business and budget, ranging from a simple written document of a few pages to one incorporating pictures and graphic design features.

We can produce a profile in a format designed for easy e-mailing. Alternatively, you can print it out for buyers requiring a hard copy.

If you decide to use our services, we’ll send you a list of questions. If we have any queries about your answers we’ll call you to discuss them.

In addition to giving us the information we need, our questionnaire will focus your mind on the main things that buyers want to know, helping you to understand the process and become more aware of the type of questions that you may be asked by serious buyers.

Peter Marinovich can be contacted at 0410 424 006 or peteram@iinet.net.au

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