What Photos to use in a Business For Sale ad?

by 26th of April, 2013

There are a few different photos that tend to draw peoples attention when looking through business for sale ads. There are 3 main types of photos which draw peoples attention when looking at a business for sale. Here are some sample photos that you may like to consider...

1. The Crowd Photo

With any customer based business such as retail, coffee shops, takeaways, restaurants - photos showing the business busy tend to be more appealing. Hold a sale day or special event take some photos of the customers (you may need the customers authority to use the photo if they are identifiable). This will show that your business is fully functioning, has a customer base and is busy. All business owners know customers = income so having these types of photos always have added appeal.



2. The Exterior Photos

This will give the buyer an idea of where the business is situated and how it appears to customers. A good shop front makes a big difference to a businesses reputaion. If you are keeping the business confidential, obviously you wont want to include an exterior shot but this is why its important to have good interior / product photos.


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3. The Interior Photo / Products

Showing the interior of the business and how it is presented to customers is important. If you are choosing to have a confidential listing, you can always take close up photos of the products or machinery etc to give the potential buyer an idea of what you are selling.


Good photos make a HUGE difference to a business for sale ad. So make sure your photos are clear, current and include important aspects such as interior and exterior photos and showing customers in the store. Use all the photo space available.

Have you recently been looking for a business for sale? How much to the photos of the business affect your opinion and liklihood to contact the owner for more details?

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