Skyline Cafe Success Story

by 21st of December, 2021
Skyline Cafe Success Story

New South Wales might have been in lockdown but that’s not stopping buyers You may not believe it, but New South Wales and Victorian businesses are selling.

With the support of their local community, many businesses are positively making their way through Covid, and this popular Gateshead café was no different.

With the number of buyers increasing daily and more people look to take control of their future by creating their own income, at Bonza we have seen strong demand for business across all industries, especially the hospitality sector.

Paul and Debbie have spent many years creating a successful and in-demand café. Situated in a prime industrial estate meant even during lockdown, they could still operate to services the essential workers in the area.

From day one of turning their adverts live, Paul and Debbie saw the enquiries were rolling in. By using Bonza Paul and Debbie were able to keep their focus on their customers while we handled the advertising, enquiries and progress of their sale.


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After a total of 38 enquiries, Paul and Debbie received an offer on their business that changed her life. They had finally found their buyer and could now move on to their next big adventure, retirement.

It was that one phone call to Bonza that Paul made that started the ball rolling on the rest of his life. We wish Paul and Debbie all the best for their future and hope they enjoy their retirement.

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