‘Steak’ a chance on this franchising opportunity

by Caitlin Mary 16th of May, 2021
‘Steak’ a chance on this franchising opportunity
The Cheese Steak Factory

Just a leisurely thirty-minute drive from Penrith up in the beautiful Blue Mountains is an incredibly popular one-of-a-kind restaurant, The Cheese Steak Factory, which specialises in - you guessed it - Cheesesteaks.

For those who don’t know, Cheesesteaks (also known as ‘Philly Cheesesteaks’) are a burger and hot dog hybrid street food originating in the 1930s Philadelphia USA.

“Cheesesteaks are quite easy, they're easy to eat and easy to make and they are super popular overseas,” current owner and founder Pam Brooke said, explaining that she “wanted a point of difference” and “something that absolutely no one else was doing.”


It wasn’t just American cuisine in general that Pam found interesting.

“I noticed that there was nothing in the market dedicated to cheesesteaks, so I came up with the concept of doing a specialist cheese steak sauce with additional American items,” Pam said.

Suffice it to say, Pam achieved this goal. The Cheese Steak Factory quickly took off which Pam says is partly due to word of mouth.


Established in 2016, the Cheese Steak Factory is now approaching its fifth year of business but don’t let that fool you, even Pam says the level of success the restaurant has achieved in such a short amount of time is still a surprise to her.

“The repeat business has been mind-blowing,” Pam said, proud of the number of regulars The Cheese Steak Factory has and the familiar atmosphere the restaurant boasts.

“People, I think, have a high expectation when it comes to being treated that way, as part of a small community,” Pam said.

"This business truly is packaged and presented for the buyer, or as Pam says “ready to go and ready to rock"."

While the Blue Mountains is by no means small geographically, community is very important to the locals and this is a relationship Pam has fostered with the restaurants’ regulars.

“We know their orders as soon as they walk in the door, we can just ask them if they are having their ‘usual’,” Pam said, describing the kind of relationship most restaurant owners dream of having with their customers.

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The Cheese Steak Factory was built from the ground up with the intention of becoming a brand, a business that somebody else with further aspirations could franchise or open multiple stores which according to Brooke *“*was the plan from the start, to create a brand.”

This restaurants for sale is ideal for prospective buyers who are looking for a business to franchise.

Prospective buyers can “literally walk in and keep going” which makes this business ideal for those who want to immediately start earning money.

“It's all real cliche stuff I suppose but it is the truth, it almost runs itself to a point,” Pam said.

“We know what customers want for the most part and we have all the suppliers in place which is a huge relationship-building experience. The really hard stuff is done, the new owners can walk in and keep trading, there doesn’t need to be any interruptions to the business if they want to,” Pam said.

This business truly is packaged and presented for the buyer, or as Pam says “ready to go and ready to rock”.


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