The Power of Youtube in a Business Sale

by 11th of October, 2012

Using a Youtube video to showcase your business sale is an ideal way of providing an interactive, informative and appealing overview of your business that plain text and photos wouldnt be able to achieve. Obviously there are other media programs available to upload a video, but youtube is the most popular and easily incorporated into your advertising. 

Youtube is accessible to everyone and it only takes a few minutes to set up an account on and you can then upload a video easily from your computer or smartphone. 

What type of video would you create on youtube for your business sale?

1. Walk Through - A simple video that showcases the business that is for sale. I would suggest using a simple commentary "e.g. as you enter the main door of the business you have a shop counter on the right hand side" etc. It only has to be a short video 1-2min. 

2. Overview - this could be a personalised video where you speak to the camera and talk about the business you are selling. This allows people to put a face to the name and feel comfortable when contacting you. 

3. Slideshow - Use various photos you have of the business and put it together in a video. You can also include some text and music to enhance the video's appeal. 

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There are a number of videos on Youtube that showcase these styles of advertising. You can watch a few to get some ideas. You might be surprised by the number of views some videos receive! Below are some examples that i found whilst browsing:



If you have any questions about Youtube Videos and how you could apply them to your business sale - please just let us know!

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