Top 3 Trending Industries: ABS Stats and Bsale Market Insights

by Vanessa Lovie 23rd of February, 2024
Top 3 Trending Industries: ABS Stats and Bsale Market Insights
Top 3 Trending Industries: ABS Stats and Bsale Market Insights

We take a look at some of the highest growth industries in Australia and assess why it is happening and whether now is a good time to buy a business in these sectors. When we look at the ABS data we can able to gauge some key factors such as entry and exit rates. Industries that are trending higher, aka they have more businesses starting than exiting is a good indicator of growth. Business owners are seeing success in these industries and the market is strong. 

There were 2.5Mil actively trading businesses in Australia on June 30, 2023. There was an 0.8% or 19,973 increase in the number of businesses, but some industries outperformed and saw a positive growth in businesses operating. The top 3 were Health Care and Social Assistance with 6.1%, Finance and Insurance Services with 2.7%, and Transport, Postal and Warehousing with 2.4%. The largest exit rate was with Administration and Support Services, which saw a decrease of 1.6% to 120,630 businesses.


Trending Industries
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics 2023 Report


Let's take a look at the Top 3 Trending Industries, why it may be happening and some good business opportunities that are available now if you are looking at buying a business


1.  Health Care and Social Assistance


In the wake of COVID 19 its no wonder that health care and social assistance is a strong contender. With changes to the NDIS and more funding available, businesses are profiting from providing health care and services. The health services industry in Australia is said to be worth $202.4bn in 2023.

According the the ABS, the sector experienced a substantial growth of 6.1%, bringing the total number of businesses in this industry to 185,260. This increase underscores the expanding demand for health and social services.

The healthcare sector on Bsale is broken down into a number of different categories, such as Medica Practices, Natural Therapies, and Medical Businesses

If we take a look at the Beauty and Health Sector on Bsale we can see that it has 2,039 listings with a total value of $719Mil with an average price of $352,996. This encompasses other allied businesses such as beauty salons and hair salons. 


trending health care industry

Current Medical Businesses For Sale 

  • Multi-site Aged Care, Disability, Mobility And Living Aid Product Provider. Price: $2.198 Mil + SAV

    This high net profit business, focused on aged care, disability, mobility, and living aid products, is a multi-site enterprise in Brisbane. It has experienced substantial growth, doubling in size in the last half-decade. The business benefits from government funding in the disability/NDIS and aged care sectors, with a broad product range including scooters, wheelchairs, and mobility aids. It operates with efficient management and staff, leveraging a large national buying group for better profit margins. The business is well-positioned for continued growth in this high-demand industry, with a sale price of $2.198 million plus stock at value (SAV) around $400K-$450K.
  • Dental Practice, NSW Price: $90,000

    A turnkey dental practice is available for sale due to the current owner's inability to continue. The practice includes two fully equipped dental surgeries, a sterilizing room with essential dental equipment, a waiting room with reception facilities, and a complete office fit-out. The practice is offered at a price significantly lower than the original setup cost of $260,000 two years ago, with the selling price set at $90,000. This price is exclusive of goodwill or client database and includes the transfer of the current lease, which expires on 14/11/2025 with an option for a 5-year extension, and the equipment only. The current rent for the premises is $23,400, with no outgoings.


2. Financial and Insurance Services


According to the ABS the Financial and Insurance Services Industry experienced a 2.7% growth to a total of 123,266 businesses, reflecting an increasing need for complex financial and insurance-related services in the economy. This growth indicates a rising demand for expertise in managing financial transactions, investments, risk, and insurance products, as economic activities become more intricate and diversified. The expansion of this sector is a response to the evolving financial landscape and the growing need for specialized knowledge in managing financial and insurance matters.

With just 39 finance businesses currently for sale on Bsale, this an indicator of a tight market. That business owners are currently placing their businesses for sale. Coupled with the high entry rate, this is showing a good market. 


Trending financial services industry

Current Financial Businesses For Sale


  • Highly Profitable Independent Mortgage Brokerage Price: $3,750,000

    This independent mortgage brokerage, established in 2014 in Australia, is renowned for exceptional client service and expertise. It has served over 2,900 clients and works with a wide range of lenders. The business is known for its robust growth, expert team, efficient operations, and strategic market position. It offers a turnkey operation with advanced systems and marketing strategies. The current owners are willing to support a smooth transition, and the business can operate from any location in Australia, with an option to lease or purchase the current office space. This represents a prime opportunity for significant growth in the mortgage brokerage sector.
  • Mortgage Broking Business For Sale - Adelaide Price: $630,000

    A mortgage broking business in Adelaide is for sale for $630,000. It's a part of a nationally recognized franchise, benefiting from strong marketing and advanced technology. The business has thrived during the pandemic, riding the property market boom and accumulating $192,000 in trail income. Located in a high-demand area, the business operates from a well-positioned shop front and offers a wide range of lending solutions. The sale includes a large client database and the support of a reputable franchise network, making it an attractive investment for those seeking autonomy in a profitable sector.


3. Transport, Postal and Warehousing


According to the ABS the Transport, Postal and Warehousing industry marked a 2.4% increase in 2023, this sector grew to encompass 218,662 businesses. The growth in this area highlights the increasing importance of logistics and delivery services, likely fueled by the growth in e-commerce and the need for efficient supply chain solutions.

On Bsale the Automotive Industry encompasses transport, taxi, mechanics, smash repairers and more. It is showing 1,597 current listings, with a value of $1,3Bil and an average price of $830,303


Trending Transport Businesses


Transport Businesses for Sale


  • Profitable Courier & Furniture Delivery Business, Price $375,000 Plus Vehicles

    This well-established, 25-year-old taxi truck courier and furniture delivery business in Brisbane is on the market, presenting a prime opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs. It has carved out a niche in same-day, door-to-door delivery, servicing a wide area including Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. The business boasts a fleet capable of transporting diverse items, from industrial goods to delicate items, and has secured exclusive contracts with major furniture and electrical retailers, alongside being the preferred ADHOC delivery service for various stores.
  • Well-established Transport Business For Sale - Melbourne North West Price: $920,000

    This business boasts an impressive turnover exceeding $1.2 million in FY22 & 23, demonstrating strong financial performance. With over 15 years of reliable operation, it comes with a well-maintained fleet including 2 Prime Movers, 2 Trucks, and 6 Trailers, and an experienced team of drivers. The business has secure client relationships with major furniture retailers and services Melbourne Metropolitan Areas, Regional Victoria, and interstate destinations. The vendor offers a smooth transition period for new ownership.  This is a unique opportunity to own a thriving transport business with a significant industry presence.


If you are in the process of buying a business it is important to consider where the business will be in the next 5-10 years. Is the industry growing and has a strong market or is there a change that may affect the profitability of the business and cause issues when the time comes for you to sell. Monitoring the ABS data in particular the entry and exit rates is a good idea when buying a business or entering into a new industry. 


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