What Does Sydney Traffic Mean for Business Owners?

by 22nd of April, 2016
What Does Sydney Traffic Mean for Business Owners?

Traffic is getting worse in Sydney, and new research suggests that this isn't just impacting commuters- it may be having an impact on business owners.

A new study from the National Roads & Motorists' Association (NRMA) suggests that nine out of every 10 western Sydney businesses reported facing worse traffic over 2015 than the previous year. When it comes to buying a business, will this affect how people look for a business for sale in Sydney? Maybe the long commutes will affect the location they decide to purchase. 

Furthermore, almost one-third of business owners believed that they had lost sales because congestion prevented them from reaching clients.

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Can the congestion problem be solved?

President of the NRMA Kyle Loades explained that the issue of Sydney's perennial peak hour could be an impediment to business development.

"The economic growth of western Sydney is being strangled by congestion and the region's incredible potential won't be reached unless we can get Western Sydney out of gridlock," he explained.

While many feel that the problem has been getting progressively worse, there is some action on the horizon. The NRMA is pushing for adaptation in Sydney's transport infrastructure.

Earlier in March, the NRMA dedicated $150 million to local NSW councils as part of the Local Government Congestion Innovation Fund. While this is promising, these changes will not happen overnight.

But are we being pessimistic? Could this problem be your opportunity?

Turning challenges into opportunities

One of the solutions the NSW government is keen on is walking. Even at the moment, many people are walking, with 15 per cent of Sydney residents stepping out the entire route to work.

By further encouraging vehicle users to turn to their legs, NSW expects an increase in foot traffic around the CBD and other urban areas, with short-distance walks looking to increase by 20 per cent over the next 20 years.

More people on the streets means more potential customers and profit for you. So while traffic may make you think twice about setting up shop in Sydney, remember that there will always be a way to turn a challenge into an opportunity. You just need to find the right business for sale in the right area.

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